Essential Tips for Free Cash, Coins, and Gems in Project Makeover

Get free cash, coins, and gems in Project Makeover with our tips and strategies. Play online for free on any device, and also no download is needed. Enjoy on PC or mobile!

Project Makeover on is a fun match-three puzzle game where you help people with fashion and home makeovers. In the game, you use cash, coins, and gems to buy new outfits and furniture.

These in-game currencies are super important to make progress and unlock cool stuff. That is why, in this article, we will share tips and tricks to help you get cash, coins, and gems for free so you can enjoy the game without spending real money.

What Are Project Makeover Currencies?

In Project Makeover, there are three main types of currency: cash, coins, and gems. Cash and coins are used for everyday tasks like buying clothes and furniture. Gems are special and harder to get, and they help you speed up tasks or get premium items.

Cash is earned by completing levels and tasks. You’ll use it a lot to keep things moving. Coins are also earned in levels and are key for buying basic items. Gems are the rarest and most valuable. They let you do things faster and get exclusive items.

Having enough of these currencies helps you progress in the game. They let you unlock new levels, buy better items, and make cooler makeovers.

Tip: Save your gems for the really important stuff. Play Project Makeover online on so you can save your progress.

Daily Tips for Earning Free Coins and Gems

Tips for Earning Free Coins and Gems

Earning free coins and gems in Project Makeover is easier if you know the right tricks. Here are some daily tips to help you out.

Daily Rewards

Logging in every day is a simple way to get free stuff. You can earn coins, gems, and other goodies just for showing up.

Here are the types of daily rewards that you can expect:

  • Coins and gems
  • Boosters and power-ups
  • Special items for your makeovers

Complete Match-Three Levels

When you finish match-three levels, you get coins as a reward. The better you do, the more coins you earn.

Here’s how to gather more coins:

  • Focus on creating bigger combos to clear more tiles.
  • Use boosters wisely to help you complete levels faster.
  • Try to complete levels with as few moves as possible to get bonus coins.

Watch Ads

Watching ads might not sound fun, but it’s a quick way to earn extra coins and gems.

Here’s how to find ads:

  • Look for the ad icon in the game menu.
  • Tap on it and watch the short video.
  • Collect your reward once the ad finishes.

Bonus Tip: Make it a habit to log in daily and watch ads during breaks to keep earning those free coins and gems. Read our Project Makeover beginner’s guide to learn more.

Event Participation for Extra Rewards

Event Participation for Extra Rewards

Joining in-game events and promotions is a great way to rack up extra coins and gems in Project Makeover. Here’s how you can make the most of these opportunities.

In-Game Events

Special events pop up regularly in Project Makeover. These events often have unique challenges and offer big rewards. Events might focus on completing certain levels or tasks, and some run for a limited time, so check in often.

To maximize your rewards, participate in every event you can. The more you play, the more you earn. Focus on event-specific goals to get the highest rewards. Teaming up with friends, if the event allows, can also increase your chances of winning.

In-Game Promotions

Keep an eye out for special promotions. These can include limited-time offers that give you free coins and gems.

Promotions might offer double rewards for completing levels, free gems with purchases (sometimes you don’t even have to buy anything), or special holiday or seasonal promotions.

To take advantage of these, log in frequently to catch the offers and take note of any promotions in the game’s main menu. Act fast, as these deals don’t last long.

Tip: Always check the game daily to see if there are any new events or promotions you can join to boost your coins and gems stash.

Social Media and Achievements

Social Media and Achievements

By linking your game to social media, you get rewards like coins and gems. It’s pretty simple. Just go to the game settings, find the social media option, and connect your accounts. Once you do, you’ll see those extra rewards pop up in your game.

Project Makeover has a bunch of achievements you can complete for rewards. These tasks range from finishing levels to customizing your characters.

To get the most out of them, focus on easy achievements first. This way, you’ll quickly rack up coins and gems to help you in tougher levels.

Tip: Link your game to social media for quick rewards and tackle easy achievements to boost your stash of coins and gems.

Strategic Gameplay Tips

Mini Games

Playing smart in Project Makeover can help you get more coins and gems. Here are some tips to up your game.

Spot Larger Combos

Look for chances to create larger combos. Match more than three tiles at once to make special pieces like bombs or rockets.

These combos can clear more tiles and help you finish levels faster. Larger combos create powerful boosters, which can clear big sections of the board, making levels easier.

Replay Levels

Replaying levels is a great way to earn extra coins and resources. If you didn’t get enough coins the first time, try again. Focus on levels where you can easily achieve high scores and use what you learned from previous attempts to do better.

Focus on Level Objectives

Always keep an eye on the level objectives. Plan your moves based on what you need to complete. Random matches might be fun, but they won’t help you finish the level.

Completing objectives gets you the rewards you need, so stay focused to avoid wasting moves on unnecessary matches.

Use Pre-stage Boosters

Before starting a level, you can choose pre-stage boosters. These give you a head start by setting up helpful pieces on the board. Use boosters on difficult levels where you’re stuck, and don’t waste them on easy levels – save them for when you really need them.

Tip: Always aim for larger combos and use boosters wisely to get the most out of each level.

Resource Management and Spending

Managing your coins and gems wisely in Project Makeover is key to progressing. Spend your resources on items that help you move forward in the game. Focus on essential purchases, like new outfits or furniture, that help you to progress in the game.

Investing in wardrobe and furniture upgrades is crucial. These upgrades not only enhance your makeover results but also help you complete tasks faster. Prioritize spending on upgrades that will have the most impact.

Tip: Always prioritize upgrades that boost your game progress and save gems for the most important purchases.

The Bottom Line

Use these tips to enjoy Project Makeover without spending real money. Play smart, save your resources, and make the most of each game feature.

Remember, you can play Project Makeover on, so there’s no need for downloads or special devices. Whether you’re on a PC, mobile, tablet, laptop, or Chromebook, you can jump in and play for free online on any device.