A Beginner’s Guide to Play Project Makeover on now.gg

Master the essentials of gameplay with our beginner's guide. Uncover strategies for elements, obstacles, and level goals. Play Project Makeover on now.gg today!

Even though the progression and stages in match-3 games tend to be relatively simple to understand, they heavily lean on RNG, or random number generation. The success or failure of any given stage can often hinge on the tiles that you’re presented with. One could sail through a level smoothly or not make any significant headway, all determined by the randomness of the tiles. In Project Makeover on now.gg, this becomes particularly significant due to the game’s energy system, which limits players to five lives at any given point. Exhaust your lives and you have to wait for them to regenerate before being able to play again.

Of course, all of these frustrations are only apparent. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could play through Project Makeover without biting your nails at every stage? Well, this guide serves to help you with just that!

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Project Makeover, from how it’s played to how you can get through each match-3 level with minimal frustration. So, sit tight because this is going to be a long one!

How to play Project Makeover

Project Makeover is an engaging casual game where you take on the role of a stylist, helping clients improve their appearance and spaces using your creativity. By solving captivating puzzles and progressing through levels, you earn prizes which you can use to update your wardrobe, hair, makeup, and eventually, your clients’ homes and businesses.

Gameplay centers around ‘Match 3’ levels, where the objective is to create combinations of three or more identical elements to clear them from the field. Each level has specific goals to complete, and remaining moves after achieving these goals generate extra money. Boosters, formed by matching four or more identical items, assist in clearing objects or obstacles more easily. These can also be gained through daily bonuses, sales, special events, and exclusive levels.

The rewards for completing levels and series come in the form of money, which can be used to buy clothes, accessories, and furniture for your avatar. Participation in events, opening packs, and receiving a daily bonus can further boost your earnings.

Completing levels also earns you coins, necessary for completing transformation tasks for your show guests. Exclusive levels, on the other hand, reward stars instead of coins.

The game starts you with five lives, lost upon level failure but replenishing every 20 minutes. Infinite lives can sometimes be rewarded for a specific duration, providing great help during difficult levels. Other ways of earning lives also exist within the game.

Getting Special Boosters in Project Makeover

Some stages present arduous objectives and restrictive turn limits, making it beneficial to create special combos beyond simple three-piece matches, as they clear larger board areas and generate special boosters with unique effects.

These boosters, dependent on the combo created, come in different forms:

Rockets, made by aligning four tiles, clear a full row or column based on their orientation.

Firecrackers, formed from a square of four tiles, obliterate all adjacent tiles in a cross-shaped pattern.

Bombs, resulting from an L or T arrangement of five tiles, detonate a 3×3 area.

Rainbows, created by aligning five tiles, destroy all tiles of a particular type, with players deciding the target tile type through a swap action.

Boosters can be used independently or combined to intensify their effects, providing an advantage in navigating challenging stages. Experimenting with booster combinations could prove key to success.

Removing Obstacles and Using Elements in Project Makeover

This Match 3 game wouldn’t be much of a challenge if there weren’t any obstacles. So, what are they, and how do you get rid of them?

Parquet: Parquet, a background impediment, can only be eliminated by creating combinations or deploying amplifiers directly over it. Some parquets are denser and need extra combinations for removal.

Shirts: Shirts, fixed on the field, can be eliminated via amplifiers or by crafting combinations adjacent to them.

Sunglasses and fabric: In some levels, sunglasses are the objectives hidden under fabric. Create combinations on or utilize amplifiers to remove the fabric, revealing the sunglasses.

Hairbrush: Clear the hairbrush by creating combinations beside it or using boosters.

Camera: Cameras can be collected only when they descend from the field’s bottom. Eliminate items beneath cameras to cause them to fall.

Teleport: Teleports appear in pairs and link different areas of the field. To utilize a blocked teleporter, the obstacle must first be removed.

Pomade: Create combinations next to lipstick or use boosters to collect kisses.

Belt: A belt immobilizes an element or obstacle. To remove it, create combinations with the constrained element or use amplifiers. If multiple belts bind an item, they must be removed one by one.

Shoes and shoe boxes: Shoes are housed in boxes. Use amplifiers or make combinations near boxes to unveil the shoes. Beware, some boxes are empty!

Spray: Use boosters or create combinations near the spray bottle to fill it. When completely filled, the spray eliminates several obstacles.

Thin wall: Thin walls are immovable barriers between the field’s cells. You cannot move elements or create combinations through them.

Washer: Activate washing machines by creating combinations next to them or using amplifiers. An active washer dispenses three pink items, coloring the field’s elements.

Assembly line: The conveyor belt continuously moves elements and obstacles across the field. Its movement direction is unchangeable.

Red carpet: Collect red carpets using amplifiers or by creating combinations with elements on them. Roll out rolled red carpets with boosters or combinations.

Paint: Paint, in various colors, changes the color of any element it covers.

Cream: With each move, the cream spreads and absorbs the underlying element. Use combinations or boosters to remove the cream.

Note: Notes of seven colors ascend the field every move. Use combinations or amplifiers to collect them before they fly away.

Clock: Clocks provide extra moves upon removal by combinations or amplifiers.

Mirror: Mirrors morph into the elements they were combined with. Amplifiers can instantly remove mirrors. Foldable mirrors open with combinations or amplifiers.

Wardrobe and coat: All coats must be removed with combinations or boosters for the wardrobe to disappear.

Emerald: Use amplifiers to polish emeralds three times for removal. Combinations don’t affect emeralds.

Cars and keys: Cars progress on roads. Use combinations or boosters to collect keys, propelling the car. Remove any obstacles to keep the car moving.

Fan: Fans, positioned on the field’s edge, can alter the direction of falling objects.

Buttons: Multiple thread-linked buttons break collectively when one is broken by combinations or amplifiers.

Brick wall: Brick walls resist missile strikes but yield to combinations or amplifiers.

Diamond: Combining three or more same-colored elements removes them from the field.

Mole and sweater: Moles fly across the field in search of sweaters. Use boosters or combinations to remove sweaters.

Package: Items within packages are inaccessible until the package is removed by combinations or amplifiers.

Roulette: Shorten the roulette by making combinations or using amplifiers. It disappears once fully rolled.

Hair dryer: Hair dryers charge by making combinations of corresponding colors. When fully charged, they blow away elements in their row.

Ring Boxes: Ring boxes open and close with every move. Remove them from the field by making combinations next to an open box or using amplifiers.

Scented candles: Ignite scented candles by using boosters or making combinations near them. Once all candles are lit, they vanish from the field.

Bracelet: Contrary to most obstacles, bracelets can’t be removed just by making combinations next to them. To remove a bracelet, it needs to be placed in the middle of a combination or close to a “bomb” booster.

How to Get Endless Lives in Project Makeover

You’ve probably heard about the endless lives feature in Project Makeover from experienced players before, and if you haven’t, now you have.

Endless lives is an awesome feature granted only to the best of the best players. How do you get this? All you have to do is complete all Match 3 levels without losing a single life. After that, you can have as much fun losing and strategizing your next move for the bonus stages.

There are other ways you can receive this feature, such as receiving it as a daily bonus (extremely rare), spending IRL money to acquire it, or participating in exclusive events. So, if you’re not lucky, endless lives might just pass you by. 

Unfortunately, endless lives isn’t permanent. It’s only available for a limited amount of time, and when that time expires, you’re back to losing lives like the rest of us.

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