Poppy Playtime Tips and Tricks - How to Play on PC for Free, How to Survive and Other FAQs

Learn how to play and survive in Poppy Playtime with this handy beginner’s guide filled with useful tips, tricks, and hints.

Poppy Playtime is one of the biggest entries into the “animatronics” survival horror genre that first got popularized by games like Five Nights at Freddy’s. This subgenre revolves around completing a series of puzzles and challenges in dark and spooky facilities, while trying to survive the attacks of creepy “possessed” stuffed animals. And while FNAF was initially more about the lore and the worldbuilding, with no significant gameplay to speak of, Poppy Playtime was created to capture the same horror and tension atmosphere, but while adding more exploration and actual hands-on gameplay into the mix.

This focus on open exploration arguably makes Poppy Playtime a bigger challenge, especially since you can run into spooks and tense moments virtually anywhere, as opposed to the first FNAF games where you were confined to a single room and had to survive while preventing the animatronics from ambushing you. However, this also means that the puzzles in Poppy Playtime can be a bit more challenging as you’ll need to figure out both where to go, as well as how to complete challenges when you finally get to where you need to go.

This different learning curve might make Poppy Playtime not only scarier, but more difficult to get into, which is where this guide comes in. In this article we’ll be giving you a few basic Poppy Playtime hints and tips that will help you get a good start. And in the case that you only want to witness the story without having to figure out the progression on your own, we’ll also be giving a summarized walkthrough of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1.

How to Play Poppy Playtime for Free

First and foremost, if we want to enjoy Poppy Playtime, we first need to actually be able to play it. Sadly, Poppy Playtime is not a free to play game, which means that you’ll need to first purchase the game if you want to play it, and the same goes for both the mobile and the PC version. However, there’s a way to play Poppy Playtime on PC for free, which is through the now.gg mobile cloud.

Our now.gg mobile cloud is the best solution that allows players to enjoy their favorite mobile games on any device, without any downloads or installs, by streaming them directly from our servers. For Poppy Playtime, this means that you can play it on your phone or PC, without it taking up any storage space on your device, simply by clicking on a single link. And the best part is that you won’t even have to pay a single penny, as you can try the game for free on now.gg and play it there indefinitely.

Poppy Playtime Basic Gameplay

If you’ve ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s, then you’ll probably be very familiar with the basic premise of Poppy Playtime. Without getting into spoilers too much: You’re a person that is compelled to visit a spooky factory that used to produce dolls and other children’s toys, and must investigate the mystery of its missing staff while also avoiding getting killed by the murderous dolls that have somehow come to life. 

If this basic premise sounds familiar, that’s because it is, by design, similar to FNAF’s. However, that’s where the similarities end as Poppy Playtime has its own unique setting and gameplay style. In other words, instead of playing the game directly from the perspective of someone that is trapped in a single room, Poppy Playtime gives you free reign to explore the environment and uncover the story through lore pickups and other objects, while figuring out the mystery that haunts the factory.

With that being said, Poppy Playtime is very simplistics in terms of its basic gameplay: You move your character with WASD, jump and interact with the Spacebar, control your left and right hands with Q and E respectively, and pause the game with Tab. If you’re playing on PC, you can also hold down V to move the camera with your mouse to make it easier to scan your surroundings. On the other hand, if you’re playing on your phone, you can simply use the onscreen virtual buttons to navigate and control your character.

While Poppy Playtime is quite straightforward to play, its challenge comes from figuring out the solutions to the many puzzles that you’ll encounter in order to progress through the factory and uncover the mystery within. Meanwhile, you’ll also have to evade and escape from Huggy Wuggy and the other dolls that are seeking to cut your journey short, which is often easier said than done since they’re quite frightening to behold, especially when they’re enraged!

How Long is Poppy Playtime Chapter 1?

When it comes to the actual length of the game, we have good and bad news:

If you’re prone to getting scared by these games, you’ll be pleased to know that Poppy Playtime is around 1 to 2 hours long, depending on how lost you get. As such, while the scares can be intense at times, they’re also short-lived. On the other hand, if you like this game, then its short length will sadly take away from your enjoyment. 

Nevertheless, despite its length, Poppy Playtime excels for its amazing atmosphere that keeps the tension high at all times, without necessarily relying overly on jumpscares to startle its users. As such, if you’re a fan of horror games with tense and oppressive atmospheres, like something straight out of Silent Hill, then this one is right up your alley.

How to Beat Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Of course, the length of this game will revolve heavily around your knowledge of it. If you already know what to do, then not only will the scares be much more ineffective, but you’ll also be able to beat up in less than an hour. Nevertheless, the knowledge required to pull this off will probably come from actually beating the game at least once—unless you’re reading this guide.

While we don’t want to dive into spoilers, we’re going to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, so that you can find guidance in case you don’t know what to do or want to avoid dawdling too much between sections.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what you need to do to beat the first chapter in Poppy Playtime:

  1. After starting a new game, walk over to the toy room on the right and take note of the colors on the train that is traveling above near the ceiling.
  2. Go to the door on the opposite side of the main lobby, which leads to the Security Room.
  3. Using the colors from the train, input the correct combination to gain access to the Security Room (Green > Pink > Yellow > Red).
  4. Pick up the Blue Tape in the Security Room and insert it into the VCR nearby. After watching the tape, pick up the Blue Hand from the nearby box that will open.
  5. Use the Blue Hand on the panel above the shutters behind the reception to open them and progress into the factory itself.
  6. In the main lobby, try opening the door on the left with your Blue Hand to make the Yellow Power Room Key drop onto Huggy Wuggy’s hand.
  7. Pick up the key with your Blue Hand and go to the door labeled “Power”, which you can open with the key you just picked up.
  8. Resolve the puzzle by opening the power socket with your Blue Hand, and then shooting and keeping your Blue Hand on the exposed socket while walking to the power poles to energize them and bring back power to the facility.
  9. With the power restored, go back to the main lobby and try opening the first door on the left again, which should now open. Also, keep in mind that you’ll encounter Huggy Wuggy throughout the rest of the chapter from this point onward.
  10. In the next room, grab the nearby fuse and insert it into the control panel. Afterward, drop down through the hole in the railing and find three more fuses.
  11. With all the fuses on hand, take them to the control panel to receive the Red Hand.
  12. Exit this room through the conveyor belt, using both hands at the same time to open the door blocking the belt.
  13. Eventually, the conveyor belt will get stuck and you’ll need to use both hands to complete a circuit. To do so, use your Blue Hand on the exposed socket, and then use your Red Hand on the other socket to complete the circuit. Once done, the conveyor will start moving automatically.
  14. In the next room, you’ll need to go up the stairs and use both hands to complete another circuit and get power back to the machinery below. This puzzle is more complex and might take you some time, though it’s not too difficult.
  15. With the power restored, walk to machinery below and operate the button and levers to create a toy. Once done, take the toy to the scale labeled “Nobody leaves without making a toy” and drop it there to open the exit to this room. 
  16. As you try to exit, you’ll find a darkened hallway where Huggy Wuggy will emerge and start giving chase.
  17. To get away, turn around and go back to the conveyor where you created your toy, which should now have an open door.
  18. Travel through the vents until you get to a catwalk with a dead end.
  19. Use your hands to drop the box above onto the catwalk, which will break it and throw Huggy Wuggy down to the abyss below, ending the chase sequence.

With that last chase, you have practically beaten Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. All that’s left is to continue walking along the path until you find the Poppy doll in her box, which you can open using your hands to free her and finish the chapter.

Of course, there are more things to do throughout the chapter, such as picking up the VHS tapes and watching them to learn more about the game’s lore and backstory. However, if you only want to finish as fast as possible to experience most of what it has to offer without getting spooked too much, then this is the fastest route.

Poppy Playtime FAQs

To end this Poppy Playtime introduction article and beginner’s guide, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about this game:

  • What is the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Door Code?

While we’ve already covered this question in the above guide, this excerpt is one of the most common questions since it effectively prevents the player from progressing past the beginning of the game if they can’t figure it out. 

The answer to the Security Room door puzzle is found on the train that is running close to the ceiling in the toy room on the opposite side of the building. More specifically, the player must look at the train and take note of the colors of its wagons, which will be the answer to the Security Room door.

Alternatively, the solution is always Green > Pink > Yellow > Red.

  • Who are the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Characters?

While Poppy Playtime is a series that thrives due to its worldbuilding, lore, and many different characters that are much more than meets the eye, the game actually has a slow pacing that introduces new characters slowly. 

Aside from the game’s protagonist, who is reportedly an ex-Playtime employee, the only other characters in this game are the missing staff, which we can meet via various lore fragments in the game, and all the toys that wander around the abandoned factory. Specifically, Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 only introduces us to the player, along with toys like Huggy Wuggy, as well as the titular Poppy. The player meets many other characters in Chapter 2 and other subsequent installments in the game.

  • What is the Story Behind Huggy Wuggy?

Like with most of the hostile toys in Poppy Playtime, Huggy Wuggy is the result of experiments conducted as part of the Bigger Bodies Initiative, in an attempt to save the company’s declining sales and profits. The idea was to take orphans whose minds were prime to be molded into subservient slaves, and test them in various areas both physically and mentally. Those who were accepted were then taken to the “Playcare” area, where they would be subjected to various horrific methods to slowly turn them into their assigned toys.

Yes, that’s right; Huggy Wuggy, and all other Playtime Co. toys, are created using real live humans.

  • Are Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy Married?

While they probably haven’t gone through the formal nuptials, Kissy Missy was designed and created by Playtime Co. as Huggy Wuggy’s “better half”. Whether they’re married or not is up to the player. Though considering how Kissy Missy seems to have better intentions than her counterpart, we think it’s safe to say that their relationship might be somewhat strained nowadays.

  • Where Are All the VHS Tapes in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1?

There are five VHS tapes in total in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1:

  • Green Tape: You can pick it up at the reception’s main desk. Its VCR is to the right of the desk, in the same reception room.
  • Blue Tape: Located in the Security Room after solving the door password puzzle. Its corresponding VCR is located nearby.
  • Yellow Tape: Located in the room where you receive the Red Hand. Specifically, it is in the second leaning shelf closest to the door, right behind the first shelf. Its VCR is located close to the catwalk stairs leading up to the control panel.
  • Pink Tape: Located in the Make-A-Friend Room, on the upper catwalk right beside where you pull the other catwalk to bridge the gap. You can use the pink VCR in the same room to watch it.
  • Gray Tape: Located in the hallway after the Huggy Wuggy chase, right in the middle of the final T intersection. You can pick it up and go to the right to find its corresponding gray VCR.

And with that, we’ve covered most of what you need to know in order to get started in Poppy Playtime, as well as offered a rough walkthrough of the entirety of Chapter 1. And while this guide definitely had some spoilers, we believe that when it comes to horror games like this one, knowing the path won’t necessarily give you the wits and nerve to actually walk it. As such, we wish you the best of luck in your exploration!