Play My Talking Tom Friends on and on Any Device, Directly on Your Browser, With No Downloads or Installs

Play My Talking Tom Friends on and enjoy this adorable pet game instantly on any device, directly on your browser, and without downloads or installs.

Talking Tom is a game that has become practically a household for families with small children or younger members. This lovable talking cat is the perfect companion for children, offering lots of interactions and opportunities to have fun and stay entertained, while also teaching the users to take care of their pets and tend to needs such as cleaning up after them, bathing them, feeding them, and more. Nowadays, Talking Tom is widely known as the “most popular cat in the world”, and with good reason, the app has over a billion downloads on the
Play Store, with over 17.3 million reviews, and an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Now, these levels of popularity can hardly ever be contained in a single game, which is why Outfit7, the studio responsible for developing and maintaining the Talking Tom game, went on to create more games around the famous kitty cat. My Talking Tom Friends is one of such games, centered around not only Talking Tom, but also five other lovable animal friends, including Talking Angela, and Talking Ginger, among others. 

In My Talking Tom Friends, you’re tasked with caring for and playing with all your new furry friends, and can also take them on many different adventures by riding to the mall and picking up presents, but also tending to the house and playing with the wide variety of items at your disposal. And as you continue playing, you’ll unlock even more items for the pets to interact with, giving you even more options to have fun with My Talking Tom Friends.

Despite all of these gameplay options, My Talking Tom Friends is a game meant to be played in short sessions, especially since after you finish a few tasks, your friends will be tired and will need to take a nap before they can keep playing. And while you can speed up the naptime on occasions by watching ads, you’ll probably need to wait it out most of the time. 

In this sense, you can get the best experience with this game by playing My Talking Tom Friends on, since our mobile cloud lets you enjoy it on any device, and without any installations or downloads required. This is perfect as you can always check up on your pets at any moment, regardless of where you are. Whether you’re out and want to play on your phone, or at home and want to play on your PC or laptop, works on any device, as long as it can open and run a web browser.

Playing My Talking Tom Friends on the Cloud with

One of the main advantages of playing games on the cloud with is its ease of use, in that you never need to download or install anything, since the games are running directly on our servers, and you only access a streaming version via the internet. As such, all it takes to play on is a few clicks, literally.

Case in point, to play this game on the cloud, all you need to do is go to the My Talking Tom Friends app page on, and click on “Play in browser”. In a few seconds, you’ll see the app player appear directly on your browser, after which you’ll be taken straight to the game. This is just like launching the game on your phone, except that you can play it on literally any other device, and with all the benefits that come from this such as gaming on a larger monitor, and with mouse and keyboard support, among others.

Moreover, since you’re not actually downloading or installing anything, you won’t have to use any storage space for your games, and will still get the best graphics and performance, regardless of your device specifications. Since these games are running on our high-end hardware, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on a flagship phone or tablet in order to play them with decent performance—just click on the game’s link and start playing!

Benefits of Playing My Talking Tom Friends on

The mobile cloud is the future of mobile gaming, as it gives you actual mobile capabilities without being limited to just a single platform. Here’s a quick summary of some of the benefits that you can get from playing on the cloud:

  • Tend to Your Furry Friends From Any Device

Since you can play on on literally any platform, you’re no longer limited to playing on your phone, which means that you can always check up on your cute pets regardless of your location, as long as you have a good internet connection. Forgot to feed your pets this morning and don’t have a good enough phone to run the game? Just look for My Talking Tom Friends on and play directly on your browser!

  • Synchronize Your Accounts on All Devices

If you’re going to be playing on multiple devices, such as when you’re playing on, you’ll need to find a way to save and synchronize your progress on all your accounts. Luckily, this is easily achieved through Google Play, as all you need to do is link your Google account with the game. Afterward, whenever you launch on a new device, all you need to do is sign in with your Google account, and you can immediately start playing from where you last left off.

  • Access the Entire ‘My Talking Tom’ Library of Games

My Talking Tom Friends is just one of many games in the “My Talking Tom” franchise. These titles all take place in the same universe and involve many of the same characters. As such, if you enjoy this title, there’s a good chance that you’ll also be wanting to play the others. Luckily, with, you can access all of these games and many more, without having to download or install them individually. To this end, you can simply search for the games on, and easily swap between them with just a few clicks.

The mobile cloud is the optimal way to enjoy your favorite mobile games on any device and without any pesky installations or downloads.