Mastering Team Building Strategies in Honkai Star Rail - An Exclusive Guide

We will take you from novice to legend, equipping you with the knowledge and tactics needed to maximize the potential of each hero in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail, a part of the illustrious Hoyoverse, carries on the legacy of its predecessors, Honkai Impact 3rd and the globally acclaimed Genshin Impact. This latest installment from miHoYo continues the tradition of delivering an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience. Set in a vast and detailed sci-fi universe, Honkai Star Rail builds on the narrative depth and engaging gameplay that fans have come to expect from Hoyoverse titles. Especially when played on the mobile cloud, gamers can enjoy the best of Star Rail, on any device, and with a single click, with no downloads or installations.

At the heart of Honkai Star Rail lies its intricate team-building mechanics, a cornerstone that defines the player’s journey through the game. With a plethora of unique characters to unlock, each bringing their own strengths, weaknesses, and strategic potential, mastering team composition becomes a crucial aspect of gameplay. This isn’t just about picking the strongest characters; it’s about understanding the synergies between different character types and how they can complement each other to form a formidable squad.

In this guide, we delve deep into the different character types in Honkai Star Rail. We’ll explore their unique attributes, giving examples of how their abilities can be maximized for both offensive and defensive strategies. This insight aims to not only provide a quick reference for effective team building but also to deepen your understanding of each character type. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to craft your own innovative team compositions that could potentially become meta-defining.

The Different Character Types in Honkai: Star Rail

The characters in Honkai: Star Rail adhere to unconventional nomenclatures, in the sense that, instead of Tank, Healer, and DPS, we have different and unique types like Erudition, Destruction, Harmony, and Nihility, to name a few. These terms, while quite unique, do little to actually express the strengths, weaknesses, and basic properties of their characters. As such, we’ll begin this Star Rail character guide by talking about the different types of characters:


Destruction characters in Honkai Star Rail epitomize the classic frontline warrior. These heroes excel in dealing significant damage while also boasting impressive survivability, making them versatile for various combat scenarios. Their robustness and offensive prowess position them as ideal candidates to lead the charge in battle. While they may not possess the explosive burst damage of specialized DPS types, their balanced approach to offense and defense ensures they can endure prolonged engagements and consistently contribute to the team’s success. In team compositions, they serve as reliable anchors, capable of holding their ground and dealing consistent damage.

The Hunt

Characters of The Hunt specialize in delivering extraordinary single-target damage, making them the go-to damage dealers against Elite Enemies. Their ability to focus and rapidly take down high-value targets is unmatched. However, this potency comes with a vulnerability; these characters tend to be fragile and often become the primary target in PvP scenarios. Therefore, it’s essential to build a team that can protect and support them, enabling their full potential without leaving them exposed to enemy onslaughts.


Erudition characters are masters of multi-target damage, capable of engaging and decimating groups of enemies with their AoE abilities. This makes them invaluable for general gameplay, particularly in scenarios involving numerous weaker enemies or when quick farming is necessary. Their AoE capabilities allow for efficient clearing of mobs, contributing significantly to the team’s overall damage output and battlefield control.


The quintessential support units, focusing on buffing allies to enhance the team’s overall combat effectiveness. In many team compositions, their role is critical. They can amplify the strengths of the team’s primary damage dealers or bolster the team’s defenses. However, their reliance on other team members for offense means that including a Harmony character often involves a strategic decision to prioritize team synergy and support over individual damage output.


Debuffing enemies is the Nihility characters’ specialty. In other words, they focus on reducing the combat effectiveness of their targets. Their role is somewhat akin to Harmony characters but with a focus on weakening opponents rather than strengthening allies. The presence of a Nihility character can significantly tilt the battlefield in your favor, as they can make enemies more susceptible to damage, slower, or less effective in their attacks. While they might not contribute directly to the team’s damage, their ability to debilitate enemies can be a game-changer.


Preservation characters are the tanks of Honkai Star Rail. They possess a variety of defensive abilities designed to protect allies, including taunts to draw enemy attention and skills to shield teammates. These characters are essential for absorbing damage that would otherwise be directed at more vulnerable team members. Their skill set is particularly valuable in challenging encounters where sustained enemy pressure is a concern.


These are dedicated healers, responsible for keeping the team alive by restoring HP. They are particularly crucial in the early to mid-game, where their healing can be the difference between victory and defeat. In advanced team setups, players might opt to replace healers with more offensive or utility-focused units. However, the decision to include an Abundance character depends on the player’s strategy and preference, as their healing abilities can be beneficial even in late-game scenarios, ensuring team longevity and resilience.

In summary, while the terminology used for describing character types in Honkai: Star Rail can be a bit confusing at first, they can essentially be translated into the following roles:

  • Destruction = Beefy Frontliners
  • The Hunt = Single-Target DPS
  • Erudition = AoE DPS
  • Harmony = Buffers
  • Nihility = Debuffers
  • Preservation = Tanks
  • Abundance = Dedicated Healers

On top of these character types, we also need to consider the elements of each character on our team, as depending on this aspect, they will be better or worse against certain enemies. Nevertheless, by keeping a good team, either balanced or specialized for certain setups, you’ll be able to surpass most of the challenges that the game will throw your way.

Building a Strong Honkai: Star Rail Team

Knowing about the different character types in the game is only half the battle. While it’s important to have an idea of what every character can do, just from looking at their type, it’s also paramount to learn how to combine them in order to maximize your damage output, while sacrificing as little defense as possible. This will let you take on any challenge in the game, without having to constantly switch your team, or to waste resources on characters that you’ll only use a few times.

General Team Composition

Teams in Honkai: Star Rail often revolve around a single powerful damage dealer, along with three other characters that can support this carry, and keep them alive while they deal with the enemy. As such, one general team composition that will carry you through most of the game could be the following:

  1. A Hyper Carry
  2. An Offensive Support or Sub DPS
  3. A Defensive Unit
  4. To be filled as the situation demands

A good example of a strong carry for the first slot could be Dan Heng, Yanqing, Seele, or Jing Yuan, to name a few. Meanwhile, good offensive supports could be Bronya, Tingyun, or Pela, who can help by contributing to the overall DPS, but also by boosting the power of the main carry. Meanwhile, some of the best Preservation heroes like Gepard, March 7th, and Fu Xuan, would be able to fit the Defensive slot nicely. The final slot can be filled with either another offensive support unit, or with a healer, depending on your needs. Regardless, this basic composition is all you need to essentially breeze through the game, especially if you manage to unlock strong DPS units as your main Hyper Carry.

Offensive Team Composition

On the other hand, there could be other types of team compositions that sacrifice defense and survivability, in order to maximize damage output. After all, you don’t really need to defend or heal yourself if the enemy doesn’t get a chance to get a hit in, right? This composition revolves around the same Hyper Carry, but instead of having a defensive unit, we will have two offensive supports, along with a single healer. The idea here is to greatly boost the performance of the carry, while staying alive with a good healer. As such, this composition goes as follows:

  1. A Hyper Carry
  2. An Offensive Support
  3. Another Offensive Support
  4. A Healer

It’s not unusual for this team to roll with a The Hunt unit as its main carry, accompanied by Harmony and Nihility characters to buff the damage of the carry and debuff the enemy, respectively, and wrap it up with an Abundance character to keep everyone alive and in the fight. The choice of units will vary according to your needs, though good examples of carries for this include Seele for single-target DPS, or Jing Yuan for AoE DPS. Your support units will vary depending on what you can unlock, though you should try to have someone that can buff your main DPS, and someone to debilitate the enemy with debuffs. Lastly, your healer can vary, though we strongly suggest trying to unlock Luocha, as she’s one of the best healers in the game.

Understanding the different character types in Honkai: Star Rail is paramount for building your own team compositions. However, we hope that with the examples and explanations shared in this Star Rail team-building guide, you’re now ready to set off and tear the battlefield apart with your superior prowess. However, don’t forget that you can get the best gameplay experience with Honkai: Star Rail on PC or any other device, by playing it on the mobile cloud. All it takes is a single click, and you’ll be enjoying this game directly on your web browser, without any downloads or wait times.