Unlock the Cosmic Arsenal: Honkai: Star Rail Character List and Skill Overview

With over 20 different characters to find and unlock throughout your journey across the Astral Express, there are virtually endless team compositions to try out in Honkai: Star Rail. Let’s take a look at each character in the game in this Star Rail character list.

Welcome to the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, where thrilling adventures and cosmic battles await. As you delve into the immersive world of this space fantasy RPG, you’ll discover a multitude of elements that make it a captivating experience. One of the key aspects that sets Honkai: Star Rail apart is its diverse roster of characters, each possessing unique abilities and playstyles. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of the HoYoverse, providing an in-depth character list accompanied by valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and expert tips and tricks to maximize their potential. Our objective is to give you an idea of what each character can do, so that you can prioritize unlocking and upgrading the ones that appeal to you the most, and hopefully use them to create unstoppable teams and combinations.

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Honkai: Star Rail Character List and Overview

Honkai: Star Rail showcases a diverse cast of characters, ranging from fierce warriors to enigmatic spellcasters and skilled support specialists. Each hero brings their own set of properties that define their role on the battlefield. These properties encompass various attributes, such as attack power, defense capabilities, elemental affinities, and unique skills. By delving into the intricacies of these properties, players can gain a deeper understanding of each character’s playstyle and uncover the synergies that can be harnessed when constructing a balanced team.

As of its launch, the game boasts a roster of 24 characters, each possessing their own unique properties and abilities. And while this number might not sound like much, you have to consider that MiHoYo tends to prioritize quality over quantity. As such, while there aren’t an enormous number of characters as of yet, they are all highly complex and varied, giving players a lot to think about when it comes to assembling their own squads. 

Understanding the intricacies and nuances of these characters is crucial for players seeking to assemble a formidable team and navigate the challenges that lie ahead. In this comprehensive Character List and Overview, we will delve into the depths of each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and distinct playstyles, empowering you to make informed decisions when selecting and upgrading your heroes.

Arlan – Lightning Destruction

Arlan, the Lightning Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail, is a formidable warrior who channels the power of electricity to devastate his enemies. 

As a lightning elemental character on the path of Destruction, Arlan excels at dealing high burst damage and possesses impressive survivability. His skills include Lightning Rush, a single-target attack that deals lightning damage based on his ATK, Shackle Breaker, which sacrifices his own HP to deliver a powerful lightning strike, and Frenzied Punishment, an ultimate ability that unleashes a frenzy of lightning-infused destruction. Arlan’s Pain and Anger talent enhances his damage based on the percentage of his HP below the maximum, while his Swift Harvest technique allows him to immediately strike all enemies with lightning damage at the start of battle. With his electrifying abilities and unwavering determination, Arlan dominates the battlefield, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.

Asta –  Fire Harmony

Asta, the Fire Harmony character, harnesses the power of fire to bring balance and support to her allies on the cosmic battlefield. As a fire elemental character on the path of Harmony, Asta excels at providing support and buffing her team while also dealing respectable damage. Her skills include Spectrum Beam, a single-target attack that inflicts Fire damage based on her ATK, and Meteor Storm, a skill that bounces between enemies, dealing Fire damage and hitting additional targets.

Asta’s ultimate ability, Astral Blessing, grants a speed boost to all allies, increasing their SPD for 2 turns. Her talent, Astrometry, enhances her supportive role by gaining Charging stacks for each different enemy hit and an extra stack when attacking enemies with Fire Weakness. Each stack of Charging increases all allies’ ATK. However, starting from her second turn, Asta’s Charging stacks decrease by 3 at the beginning of every turn.

With the Miracle Flash technique, Asta immediately strikes the enemy upon entering battle, dealing Fire damage equal to 50% of her ATK to all enemies. Asta’s fiery support and damaging capabilities make her a valuable asset on the battlefield, empowering her team and ensuring harmony in the midst of cosmic conflict.

Bailu – Lightning Abundance

Bailu stands as a beacon of healing and support amidst the chaos of cosmic battles. As a lightning elemental character on the Abundance path, she brings her unique abilities to restore and invigorate her teammates. Bailu’s skills, such as Diagnostic Kick and Singing Among Clouds, allow her to deal lightning damage to enemies while providing healing to her allies.

Her ultimate ability, Leap of Marsh Drakon, showcases her prowess in restoration by healing all allies based on a percentage of her Max HP and extending the duration of “Invigoration” for invigorated allies. “Invigoration” grants beneficial effects that bolster her teammates’ performance and resilience on the battlefield.

Bailu’s talent, Gourdful Elixir, ensures continuous healing support, healing invigorated allies when they are hit and providing immediate healing to knocked-down allies. Her technique, Saunter in the Rain, further enhances her support capabilities by invigorating all allies at the start of the next battle, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.

With her lightning-based healing and invigoration abilities, Bailu plays a crucial role in keeping her allies in the fight, ensuring their readiness and increasing their chances of triumph in the cosmic conflicts of Honkai: Star Rail. As players navigate the game’s challenges, Bailu’s support and healing skills will be invaluable assets to secure victory against the Honkai threat.

Bronya – Wind Harmony

Bronya is a Wind elemental character belonging to the Harmony path. Her primary skill, Windrider Bullet, deals Wind damage to a single enemy. As a support character, her skill Combat Redeployment allows her to dispel a debuff from an ally, enabling them to take immediate action and increasing their damage. However, if Bronya uses this skill on herself, she cannot immediately take action again.

Bronya’s ultimate, The Belobog March, significantly boosts the ATK of all allies by 33% and increases their CRIT DMG based on a percentage of Bronya’s own CRIT DMG. Her talent, Leading the Way, ensures that after using her Basic ATK, her next action will be an Advanced Forward movement.

Lastly, Bronya’s technique, Banner of Command, grants a powerful ATK buff to all allies at the start of the next battle for two turns. With her supportive abilities and wind-based attacks, Bronya proves to be a valuable asset in enhancing her team’s overall performance.

Clara – Physical Destruction

Clara is a Physical elemental character belonging to the Destruction path. Her primary skill, I Want to Help, deals Physical damage to a single enemy. Her skill, Svarog Watches Over You, inflicts Physical damage to all enemies and deals additional damage to enemies marked by Svarog with a Mark of Counter. All Marks of Counter are removed after this skill is used.

Clara’s ultimate, Promise, Not Command, enhances her defensive capabilities. It reduces the damage dealt to her by an additional 15% and increases the chance of enemies targeting her. Additionally, Svarog’s Counter is enhanced, allowing it to retaliate with increased damage against enemies who attack Clara. The enhanced Counter can take effect up to two times and also damages enemies adjacent to the target.

With her talent, Because We’re Family, Clara benefits from Svarog’s protection, reducing the damage she takes by 10%. When enemies attack Clara, Svarog marks them with a Mark of Counter and launches a Counter attack, dealing Physical damage based on Clara’s ATK.

Clara’s technique, Small Price for Victory, immediately attacks the enemy and increases the chance of being targeted by enemies for two turns. This ability allows Clara to draw enemy attention and provide opportunities for her team to gain an advantage.

Dan Heng – Wind Hunt

Dan Heng is a Wind elemental character following the Hunt path in Honkai: Star Rail. His primary skill, Knight Spear Technique: North Wind, deals Wind damage to a single enemy. His skill, Knight Spear Technique: Torrent, inflicts powerful Wind damage to a single enemy. Additionally, on a critical hit, there is a base 100% chance to reduce the target’s SPD by 12% for 2 turns, enabling crowd control.

Dan Heng’s ultimate, Ethereal Dream, delivers a devastating Wind attack to a single enemy. If the target is slowed, the ultimate’s damage multiplier increases by 72%, allowing for even greater damage output.

His talent, Superiority of Reach, grants a bonus to Dan Heng’s Wind RES PEN when he is the target of an ally’s ability. This effect increases his ability to penetrate enemy Wind resistance, enhancing his overall damage potential.

With his technique, Splitting Spearhead, using the technique skill boosts Dan Heng’s ATK by 40% at the start of the next battle for 3 turns. This allows him to start subsequent battles with increased offensive power, making him a formidable force right from the beginning.

Dan Heng excels in dealing high single-target Wind damage and has skills that synergize with debuffs like slow, making him a valuable asset when it comes to bursting down tough enemies and controlling their movement.

Gepard – Ice Preservation

Gepard is a resilient Ice elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Preservation path. He focuses on offensive capabilities and tanking abilities. His primary skill, Fist of Conviction, delivers an Ice attack to a single enemy. Intimidating Strike inflicts Ice damage and has a chance to freeze the target, rendering them unable to act and causing damage over time. His ultimate, Enduring Bulwark, provides a shield to all allies, absorbing damage based on Gepard’s DEF. His talent, Unyielding Will, allows him to restore a portion of his HP when struck with a killing blow. His technique, Comradery, applies a shield to all allies at the start of the next battle, bolstering their defense. 

Gepard’s playstyle revolves around enduring attacks, protecting his team, and controlling enemies with freezing abilities, making him an invaluable tank on the battlefield.

Herta – Ice Erudition

Herta is an intelligent Ice elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Erudition path. Her skills focus on dealing Ice damage and maximizing her offensive capabilities. “What Are You Looking At?” delivers a single-target Ice attack, while “One-Time Offer” unleashes an area-of-effect attack, with increased damage against enemies with higher HP percentages. Her ultimate, “It’s Magic, I Added Some Magic,” delivers a powerful area-of-effect Ice attack. Her talent, “Fine, I’ll Do It Myself,” allows her to launch a follow-up attack when an enemy’s HP falls to 50% or lower. Her technique, “It Can Still Be Optimized,” enhances her ATK after using her technique. 

Herta’s playstyle revolves around unleashing powerful area-of-effect attacks and capitalizing on weakened enemies, making her a formidable force in battle.

Himeko – Fire Erudition

Himeko is a knowledgeable Fire elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Erudition path. Her skills focus on dealing fire damage and impairing enemies. “Sawblade Tuning” delivers a single-target fire attack, “Molten Detonation” is an area-of-effect blast attack, and “Heavenly Flare” unleashes a powerful area-of-effect attack on all enemies. Her talent, “Victory Rush,” grants Charge points when enemies are inflicted with Weakness Break, allowing her to perform a follow-up attack and deal fire damage to all enemies. Her technique, “Incomplete Combustion,” creates a dimension that increases fire damage taken by enemies within it.

Himeko’s playstyle revolves around unleashing devastating area-of-effect fire attacks and impairing enemies’ capabilities. With her Charge mechanic and the ability to create dimensional impairments, she excels at dealing massive damage to multiple enemies and controlling the battlefield in her favor.

Hook – Fire Destruction

Hook is a destructive Fire elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Destruction path. She specializes in inflicting fire damage and applying the Burn status to her enemies. Her skills include “Hehe! Don’t Get Burned!” which delivers a single-target fire attack, “Hey! Remember Hook?” which inflicts fire damage and applies Burn to the enemy, and “Boom! Here Comes the Fire!” which is a powerful single-target attack. Her talent, “Ha! Oil to the Flames!” enhances her attacks against enemies with Burn, dealing additional fire damage and regenerating Energy. Her technique, “Ack! Look at This Mess!” inflicts Burn on all enemies and deals fire damage. 

Hook’s play style focuses on dealing high fire damage and utilizing the Burn status to apply continuous damage over time, making her a formidable force against single targets and multiple enemies alike.

Jing Yuan – Lightning Erudition

Jing Yuan is a Lightning elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail. She specializes in summoning and commanding the Lightning-Lord, a powerful entity that unleashes devastating lightning attacks on enemies. With her abilities, Jing Yuan excels in dealing area-of-effect damage and increasing the attack count of the Lightning-Lord. This allows her to strike multiple foes simultaneously and dominate the battlefield with overwhelming lightning assaults. She synergizes well with her summoned entity, using her talents and techniques to enhance the Lightning-Lord’s capabilities.

Jing Yuan’s skills revolve around her Lightning-Lord and its attacks. Her ultimate ability, Lightbringer, delivers a potent lightning strike to all enemies, further boosting the attack count of the Lightning-Lord for subsequent turns. Her talent, Prana Extirpated, summons the Lightning-Lord at the beginning of battles, allowing it to rain down lightning damage on enemies. Additionally, her technique, Command Talisman, augments the Lightning-Lord’s attack count in the first turn of subsequent battles, increasing its destructive potential. With her mastery over lightning and the aid of the Lightning-Lord, Jing Yuan is a formidable presence on the battlefield, obliterating enemies with electrifying force.

March 7th – Ice Preservation

March 7th is an Ice elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Preservation path. With her icy powers and adorable charm, March 7th brings both defensive support and crowd control to the battlefield. She excels at protecting her allies with her shield abilities and has the ability to freeze enemies, rendering them helpless and dealing additional damage.

March 7th’s skills showcase her icy prowess. Her skill, The Power of Cuteness, provides a shield to a single ally, absorbing damage and increasing the likelihood of enemies attacking that ally. Her ultimate, Glacial Cascade, unleashes a powerful ice attack on all enemies, with a chance to freeze them, preventing their actions and inflicting additional ice damage over time. March 7th’s talent, Girl Power, allows her to counterattack enemies that target shielded allies, dealing ice damage in response. Lastly, her technique, Freezing Beauty, has a chance to freeze a random enemy at the start of battle, rendering them immobile and dealing damage over time.

With her defensive capabilities and crowd control effects, March 7th shines as a protective force on the battlefield. She can shield her allies, control enemy movements with freezes, and retaliate against those who dare to harm her team. March 7th’s ice elemental abilities make her a valuable asset in battles, ensuring the safety of her allies while dealing significant damage to her foes.

Natasha – Physical Abundance

Natasha is a caring and supportive Physical elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, specializing in healing and damage reduction as part of the Abundance path. Her skills focus on supporting her allies and weakening enemies. Behind the Kindness deals physical damage to a single enemy, while Love, Heal, and Choose heals a single ally and provides ongoing healing over time. Her ultimate, Gift of Rebirth, performs a powerful group heal, restoring a significant amount of HP to all allies. Natasha’s talent, Innervation, enhances her healing abilities when targeting low HP allies. Her technique, Hypnosis Research, delivers a physical attack to a random enemy and has a chance to weaken all enemies, reducing their damage output. 

As a support character, Natasha excels at maintaining the team’s health and reducing enemy damage, making her an invaluable asset in battles, providing compassion and strategic support to her allies.

Pela – Ice Nihility

Pela is an Ice elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Nihility path. She specializes in impairing enemies and debuffing their defenses. With her Frost Shot and Frostbite skills, she can deal Ice damage to single targets and remove buffs from enemies. Pela’s ultimate, Zone Suppression, deals AoE Ice damage and has a chance to inflict the Exposed status, lowering enemy defenses. Her talent, Data Collecting, grants her additional Energy when she inflicts debuffs, enhancing her support capabilities. Pela’s Preemptive Strike technique deals Ice damage to a random enemy and lowers the defense of all enemies. 

Overall, she excels at impairing enemies and weakening their defenses, making her a valuable asset in battles.

Qingque – Quantum Erudition

Qingque is a Quantum elemental character in Honkai: Star Rail, following the Erudition path. She relies on manipulating jade tiles to unleash her quantum powers. With her Flower Pick skill, she throws jade tiles at enemies, dealing Quantum damage. Qingque’s Cherry on Top! skill allows her to deal powerful Quantum damage to a single enemy and the enemies adjacent to it. A Scoop of Moon enhances her damage and allows her to draw jade tiles, stacking the effect multiple times. Her ultimate, A Quartet? Woo-hoo!, deals AoE Quantum damage and grants her four jade tiles of the same suit. Qingque’s talent, Celestial Jade, allows her to draw tiles at the start of her allies’ turns and enter a “Hidden Hand” state for increased attack power. Her technique, Game Solitaire, grants her additional jade tiles at the start of battle. 

Qingque’s unique playstyle revolves around strategically using and manipulating jade tiles to maximize her damage output and unleash devastating attacks.

Sampo – Wind Nihility

Sampo is a Wind elemental character following the Nihility path in Honkai: Star Rail. Armed with her deadly blades, she excels at swift and precise strikes. Her Dazzling Blades skill allows her to deal Wind damage to a single enemy. With Ricochet Love, she throws a dagger that bounces between enemies, hitting multiple targets with Wind damage. Sampo’s ultimate, Surprise Present, inflicts Wind damage to all enemies and increases their damage over time taken. Her talent, Windtorn Dagger, has a chance to inflict Wind Shear with her attacks, causing additional damage over time to enemies. Sampo’s technique, Shining Bright, throws a Flash Bomb that blinds enemies, delaying their actions and giving her team a tactical advantage. 

Sampo’s playstyle revolves around agility, precision, and inflicting damage over time to overwhelm her foes with the power of the wind.

Seele – Quantum Hunt

Seele, the Quantum elemental character of the Hunt path in Honkai: Star Rail, is a swift and agile fighter specializing in precise strikes and swift movements. 

Her Thwack basic attack deals Quantum damage, while her Sheathed Blade skill combines speed with a powerful Quantum strike on a single target. Her ultimate, Butterfly Flurry, unleashes a flurry of devastating Quantum strikes on a single enemy. Seele’s Resurgence talent grants her an extra turn and increased damage after defeating an enemy with any of her attacks, allowing for deadly chains of assaults. Her Extirpating Slash talent increases her critical rate against enemies with low health. With her Phantom Illusion technique, Seele can enter stealth, becoming undetectable by enemies, and she gains a damage boost when initiating combat. Seele’s playstyle revolves around swift eliminations, utilizing speed, precision, critical hits, and stealth to quickly dispatch foes in combat.

Seele’s playstyle revolves around swift eliminations, utilizing her speed, precision, and potent Quantum attacks. By chaining attacks, capitalizing on critical hits, and utilizing stealth, she excels at swiftly dispatching her targets and gaining the upper hand in combat.

Serval – Lightning Erudition

Serval is a Lightning elemental character of the Erudition Path. She wields powerful Lightning abilities that can electrify her enemies. Her skills include Roaring Thunderclap, a single-target Lightning attack, and Lightning Flash, which deals Lightning damage to a single enemy and adjacent foes, potentially inflicting the Shock status. Her ultimate, Here Comes the Mechanical Fever, unleashes a devastating AoE Lightning attack that extends the Shock duration on already shocked enemies. Serval’s Galvanic Chords talent enhances her attacks, dealing additional Lightning damage to Shocked enemies. With her Good Night, Belobog technique, she launches an immediate Lightning assault, potentially shocking all enemies. 

Serval excels at AoE Lightning damage and capitalizing on the Shock status for increased damage.

Sushang – Physical Hunt

Sushang is a Physical elemental character of the Hunt Path. She specializes in powerful sword techniques and excels in single-target combat. Her skills include Cloudfencer Art: Starshine, a single-target physical attack, and Cloudfencer Art: Mountainfall, which deals damage to a single enemy and has a chance to trigger Sword Stance for additional damage. Her ultimate, Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald, unleashes a devastating single-target attack while boosting her ATK and providing extra chances to trigger Sword Stance. Sushang’s Dancing Blade talent increases her SPD when enemies have their Weakness Broken. With her Cloudfencer Art: Warcry technique, she initiates battle by dealing damage to all enemies. 

Sushang is a formidable swordsman, focusing on precise strikes and maximizing damage potential.

Tingyun – Lightning Harmony

Tingyun is a Lightning elemental character of the Harmony Path, specializing in support abilities. Her “Dislodged” skill deals Lightning damage to a single enemy. With “Soothing Melody,” Tingyun boosts an ally’s ATK and blesses them, allowing them to deal additional Lightning damage. Her ultimate, “Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud,” regenerates energy for a target ally and increases their damage. Tingyun’s talent, “Violet Sparknado,” grants her extra Lightning damage when hitting enemies based on the ATK of the Blessed character. Finally, her technique, “Gentle Breeze,” immediately regenerates her energy. 

Tingyun excels at providing support and enhancing the damage output of her allies with her lightning-based abilities.

Trailblazer – Physical Destruction

Trailblazer is the protagonist of the game, initially appearing as a Physical elemental character of the Destruction path. Their “Farewell Hit” skill deals Physical damage to a single enemy, while “RIP Home Run” unleashes a blast that damages a single enemy and adjacent enemies. Their ultimate, “Stardust Ace,” offers two attack modes: “Blowout” for a powerful strike with “Farewell Hit” and “Blowout” for a devastating attack with “RIP Home Run” and damage to adjacent enemies. Trailblazer’s talent, “Perfect Pickoff,” increases their ATK each time they inflict Weakness Break on an enemy. Lastly, their technique, “Immortal Third Strike,” not only deals damage but also provides immediate healing to all allies. 

As the protagonist, Trailblazer combines formidable physical attacks with supportive abilities to lead the charge in battles.

Trailblazer – Fire Preservation

Trailblazer appears as a different version, this time as a Fire elemental character following the Preservation path. Their “Ice-Breaking Light” skill deals Fire damage to a single enemy and grants them a stack of Magma Will. With the “Ever-Burning Amber” skill, Trailblazer increases their DMG Reduction and attracts enemy attacks while gaining another stack of Magma Will. Their ultimate, “Flaming Lance Behind Enemy Lines,” inflicts Fire damage to all enemies based on Trailblazer’s DEF and enhances their next Basic ATK. The “Treasure of the Architects” talent grants Magma Will stacks when Trailblazer is hit and enhances their Basic ATK when having at least 4 stacks, while also providing shields to allies. Finally, the technique “Call of the Guardian” grants Trailblazer a shield at the start of the battle based on their DEF, protecting them from damage. 

As a Fire elemental in the Preservation path, Trailblazer excels at defense, accumulating Magma Will, and supporting allies with shields.

Welt – Imaginary Nihility

Welt, an Imaginary elemental character of the Nihility path, possesses powerful abilities focused on gravity manipulation. His “Gravity Suppression” inflicts Imaginary damage on a single enemy, while “Edge of the Void” slashes multiple enemies and reduces their SPD. With “Synthetic Black Hole,” he unleashes an AoE attack that can imprison and hinder enemies’ actions. His talent, “Time Distortion,” deals additional damage to slowed enemies. Finally, his technique, “Gravitational Imprisonment,” creates a Black Hole Zone, slowing enemies and imprisoning them upon entering, further impeding their actions.

Welt excels in manipulating gravity and controlling the battlefield. His playstyle revolves around disrupting enemy movements and actions. With skills like “Edge of the Void” and “Synthetic Black Hole,” he can inflict damage while slowing down and imprisoning foes. By creating the “Gravitational Imprisonment” zone, he further restricts enemy mobility. Welt’s play style involves strategic positioning and timing to take advantage of his gravity-based abilities, making him a formidable force in controlling the flow of battle.

Yanqing – Ice Hunt

Yanqing, an Ice elemental character of the Hunt path, excels in dealing ice damage and inflicting status effects on enemies. His playstyle revolves around utilizing his Soulsteel Sync ability to enhance his critical rate and critical damage. With skills like “Darting Ironthorn” and “Amidst the Raining Bliss,” he can unleash powerful ice attacks while benefiting from increased critical stats. His talent, “One With the Sword,” allows him to follow up attacks, potentially freezing enemies and dealing additional ice damage over time. Yanqing’s Technique, “The One True Sword,” boosts his damage against enemies with higher HP percentages. 

With a focus on critical hits and crowd control through freezing, Yanqing provides a dynamic and strategic playstyle.

And with that, we have explored the diverse roster of characters in Honkai: Star Rail, each with their unique elemental affinities and paths. We delved into the play styles and abilities of Welt, Yanqing, Seele, Natasha, and Hook, among countless others, uncovering their strengths and strategies on the battlefield.

Each character brings a distinct play style and strategic approach to the battlefield, offering a range of options for players to customize their team and tackle the challenges of Honkai: Star Rail. Whether it’s manipulating gravity, precise strikes, healing support, devastating fire attacks, or enduring defenses, these characters contribute to the dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

As players journey through the world of Honkai: Star Rail, mastering the abilities and synergies of these characters will be essential for success. So assemble your team, harness the power of the elements, and unleash your skills to overcome the Honkai threat in this thrilling and action-packed adventure.

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