Best Outfits to Try in Gacha Club

A slew of great outfit ideas for your custom character in Gacha Club!

Gacha Club is a great dress-up game targeted towards more casual players. Make unique and captivating dress designs and dress up your favorite anime-stylized characters. Create up to 10 unique main characters and 90 extras! The game does a great job of bringing out your latent creativity with its multiple playable game modes, customization options, and Studio mode. Create unique chic models or your dream partners in the Studio mode. Unlock more characters as you progress through the campaign mode.

Gacha Club Online

Enjoy playing Gacha Club instantly on your browser with the help of, a powerful gaming platform that is interconnected across all your accounts. If you’re a fan of Gacha Club, you might be playing around with the idea of dressing up your character. We have a slew of outfit ideas for your chibi models, making them stylish according to the latest trends in fashion. Of course, you are free to choose your very own outfits since you’re the designer, but it helps to have some ideas.

#1. The Goth

A gothic take on design remains to be a controversial topic as many players are opposed to it. But, in an anime-stylized setting, the true essence of a goth can come to light in its full glory. Players can don the black and white scarf and face color to match the overall theme. Of course, we would also recommend coloring everything else you’re wearing to black to highlight the contrast. A cross-sign necklace, nose ring, and earrings can also be adorned. Leggings are optional but add to the overall look as well. 

Gothic Outfit in Gacha Club

#2. Anime Protagonist

To be fair, anime protagonists can be both girls and boys. Plus, they can be of multiple types. We have taken into consideration a school outfit for our female anime protagonist. Consider her an ordinary high-school girl who becomes a badass after school. To pull off this look, all you need is a blue/white skirt, a formal shirt, and white socks. A pair of fancy shoes are also recommended to fit in that cute Japanese school look. The rest of the accessories are left up to your desire. 

Anime Protagonist Outfit in Gacha Club

#3. A Boy Detective

Ever wanted to stylize your boy chibi as a mysterious yet cunning detective who is always on his toes? Well, look no further, as this outfit will re-ignite your crime-chasing dreams! Donning a brown jacket, pair it up with either a formal black pant or brown shorts. Of course, a detective isn’t complete with a pair of glasses and a brown hat. For shoes, you can look for brown-colored formal ones or a stylish pair of boots. Wear full-length socks, preferably black color. A shiny belt with a big buckle is also recommended.

Boy Detective Outfit in Gacha Club

#4. A Cute Cosplay Outfit

The theme color for this outfit is pink, so all the accessories and clothes should be pink. Start by equipping a short crop top, a cute bow tie, and a thigh-high skirt. Pair it up with some cute shoes and a white pair of leggings. Of course, you can go crazy and go full-blown demon mode and add some cute horns on top as accessories to give it a more magical look.

Cute Cosplay Outfit in Gacha Club

#5. Street Punk 

Ever wandered into a shady street and checked out a punk looking right at you? That’s the theme we are aiming to pull off in this outfit. Start with a loose-fitting black turtle neck t-shirt that makes you look bigger than you actually are. For bottoms, we would recommend a pair of baggy jeans paired with black shoes. Add accessories such as white headphones around your neck, a threatening chain, and piercings. Some bling, such as rings, are optional. Expanding on the street look, add a pair of dangling chains from your belt to look more menacing. 

Street Punk Outfit in Gacha Club

Enjoy using Gacha Club on your browser instantly without the hassle of time-consuming downloads or installations. All it takes is a simple click of the ‘Play in Browser‘ button, and you can start enjoying Gacha Club on your internet browser.