Gacha Club Beginners Guide – Best Strategies to Power-Up Your Characters

Understand the basic systems and combat mechanics of Gacha Club.

Gacha Club remains to be one of the most advanced dress-up games that is available on PC and mobile. Players can choose from thousands of unique, customizable style options ranging from clothes to accessories. Each user can create ten custom characters and 90 extras, adding to the delight of those interested in customization and design. Conjure up the most unique-looking anime-stylized chibi sprites and take them into battles to decimate your opponents. 

Battle Mode in Gacha Club

Enjoy playing Gacha Club instantly on your browser with the help of, a powerful gaming platform that is inter-connected across all your accounts. Feeling confused as to how to progress in Gacha Club? Well, do not worry, as we have taken various tips and tricks offered by veterans of the game and compiled them into a beginner’s guide! Players can understand the basic gameplay systems along with some helpful tips that will increase the progression rate. Let’s get right into the guide!

Main Story Progression Should Be Your Priority

A bland yet intuitive storyline is present in Gacha Club, adding more than just a dress-up simulator to the game. Players can traverse through the main story mode stages and take upon tough challenges to make a name for themselves among their peers. The strategic real-time battles make the combat even more interesting, although it’s not everyone. If you’re not a chibi-lover, then sadly, Gacha Club and its combat won’t entice you. Currently, the game only has 3 Chapters in story mode, with more scheduled to be added as the game develops. Players can earn a ton of resources by completing story mode stages, including but not limited to Gold, EXP, and Gems. LUMINE has made the combat seamless and integrated into a single UI with tons of different mechanics to be explored.

Main Story of Gacha Club

Harboring some mechanics of Idle games, Gacha Club does not have an energy/stamina system, so players can spam auto-repeat stages by leaving their devices Idle. You can earn a ton of resources by following these methods, making it a great F2P game. Further, there are no major missions or achievements tied to these story mode stages, making it an add-on on top of the dress-up simulator it already is. Like any RPG, Gacha Club also has several elements attached to your character growth. If you initially failed a stage, simply try leveling up and powering up your heroes to gain more strength. If all else fails, make sure to continuously auto-repeat the highest story mode stage you can to garner more resources over time.


In the beginning, each new player is given a strict roster of characters to choose from. They are quite diverse in elements and offer a wide range of attacks, from single-targeted to AOE. You can choose from 180 different characters, each possessing unique abilities. As you progress, you will gradually unlock more characters and adapt to the team-building process. Initially, we would recommend building a team of different element characters just to progress in the main story stages. Perhaps the biggest aspect to consider would be the elements of your character. Following a classic rock-paper-scissor strategy, each element is stronger and weaker than the other. 

Team Compositions in Gacha Club

They follow a cyclic pattern that can be seen in-game. A stronger element character will boast an advantage in combat. Elements at an advantage will deal 1.5x damage to disadvantaged elements and take 0.5x less damage from them. A total of 8 elements exist in the game. You can see the elements of enemies before matching, allowing you to strategize effectively. As your account progresses and story mode gets tougher, you would need to look for a balanced team comp consisting of single target attackers, AOE attackers, healers, and buffers/debuffers. 

Understanding Pet Party in Gacha Club

Apart from enhancing your hero’s stats and levels, you can also effectively increase your overall strength of the party by bringing the right pets. Make sure to read up on their passive abilities and customize your pet party. Over 150 pets are available in Gacha Club, each of them unique in their own right. They are completely unrelated to the combat aspect of the game and serve the purpose of adding vanity to the game. 

Pet Party in Gacha Club

However, they do give your heroes some strength in several departments, such as increased Attack, Health, Defense, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage. You can obtain more pets, along with heroes, via the Standard Gacha system. But you’re more likely to obtain pets than heroes as the probabilities are skewed towards them more. You can even upgrade your pets by breakthrough if you manage to obtain duplicate copies.

Enjoy using Gacha Club on your browser instantly without the hassle of time-consuming downloads or installations. All it takes is a simple click of the ‘Play in Browser‘ button, and you can start enjoying Gacha Club on your internet browser.