Blox Fruits Trading Guide: Make the Best Deals Every Time

Check out our Blox Fruits trading guide for tips on mastering trades and getting the best deals. You can play for free online on any device with!

Trading in Blox Fruits is a big deal, trust me. Whether you’re swapping fruits or gamepasses, it’s a key part of the game. In Blox Fruits on, trading is super easy and accessible.

You don’t need fancy gadgets or a PhD in gaming. Just hop in, find a buddy, and start trading. This Blox Fruits trading guide will walk you through the whole process, making sure you get the hang of trading fruits and gamepasses like a pro.

How to Trade in Blox Fruits

Trading in Blox Fruits is simple. Head over to the Mansion in the Third Sea or the Café in the Second Sea. That’s your Blox Fruits trading place. Once there, find a trading table and sit down with your friend.

Pick the items you want to trade from the Blox Fruits trading table and click “Accept.” Easy peasy. You can make up to 5 trades every 8 hours.

The best part? With, you can play for free, online, and on any device, and also you don’t need to download anything. Whether you’re on PC, tablet, mobile, laptop, or Chromebook, it’s all good. Play Blox Fruits online on for free!

Tip: Always check the trade value before hitting “Accept.”

Best Trading Practices

To get the best out of the Blox Fruits trading system, you need to know your item’s worth. Make sure your trades are fair by keeping the value difference within 40%.

Pay attention to demand and supply. This will help you snag Blox Fruits good trades. Remember, understanding Blox Fruits’ trading value can make or break a deal.

Tip: Always double-check values before trading to avoid getting ripped off. To learn more, feel free to check out our Blox Fruits beginner’s guide.

Trading Values of Different Items

Trading in Blox Fruits is all about knowing what’s valuable. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s hot in the market.

Common Fruits

Common fruits have lower values, around 5,000 to 180,000. They’re great for beginners or as add-ons in bigger trades. Check out their physical values:

  • Rocket: 5,000
  • Spin: 7,500
  • Chop: 30,000
  • Spring: 60,000
  • Bomb: 80,000
  • Smoke: 100,000
  • Spike: 180,000

Uncommon Fruits

Their values range from 250,000 to 600,000. They’re fairly common but can be useful in trades for more valuable items. Examples include:

  • Flame: 250,000
  • Falcon: 300,000
  • Dark: 400,000
  • Sand: 420,000
  • Ice: 550,000
  • Diamond: 600,000

Rare Fruits

They’re not as expensive as mythical or legendary fruits, but they still hold good value. Look for:

  • Rubber: 700,000
  • Light: 800,000
  • Barrier: 800,000
  • Ghost: 800,000
  • Magma: 1,150,000

Legendary Fruits

Legendary fruits have strong trading values and are always in demand. Notable ones are:

  • Quake: 3,500,000
  • Spider: 1,150,000
  • Love: 1,150,000
  • Pain: 2,000,000
  • Phoenix: 2,250,000
  • Sound: 3,500,000
  • Rumble: 5,000,000
  • Blizzard: 5,000,000
  • Portal: 6,000,000
  • Buddha: 7,000,000

Mythical Fruits

These fruits are highly sought after and can fetch premium prices due to their high demand. High-value examples include:

  • Gravity: 2,000,000
  • Shadow: 6,000,000
  • Control: 8,000,000
  • Venom: 9,000,000
  • Spirit: 10,000,000
  • Mammoth: 12,500,000
  • Dough: 20,000,000
  • T-Rex: 20,000,000
  • Leopard: 40,000,000
  • Dragon: 90,000,000
  • Kitsune: 115,000,000


Gamepasses can be extremely valuable due to their permanent benefits. Examples include:

  • Fast Boats: 35,000,000
  • 2x Boss Drops: 40,000,000
  • 2x Money: 45,000,000
  • +1 Fruit Storage: 50,000,000
  • 2x Mastery: 50,000,000
  • Legendary Scrolls: 60,000,000
  • Mythical Scrolls: 115,000,000
  • Dark Blade: 128,000,000
  • Fruit Notifier: 300,000,000

Tip: Always check the latest Blox Fruits trading prices to stay updated on what’s in stock and worth trading. Check out our Blox Fruits tier list for all the fruits.

Top Trades to Watch Out For

When trading in Blox Fruits, here are some top picks you should keep an eye on:

S+ Tier Mythical:

  • Dragon: 90,000,000 (High PVP potential, expensive)
  • Kitsune: 115,000,000 (Great for PVP, but pricey)

S Tier Mythical:

  • Dough: 20,000,000 (Excellent for PVP and grinding, valuable)
  • Leopard: 40,000,000 (Best overall fruit, high cost)

A+ Tier Mythical:

  • Venom: 9,000,000 (Powerful passives, good for PVP, PVE, and raids)
  • T-Rex: 20,000,000 (Consistent damage over time)
  • Spirit: 10,000,000 (Versatile, strong in PVP)

A Tier Mythical:

  • Mammoth: 12,500,000 (Versatile, strong damage reduction)
  • Control: 8,000,000 (Unique mechanics, for skilled players)

A- Tier Mythical:

  • Shadow: 6,000,000 (High damage, moderate healing)

D Tier Mythical:

  • Gravity: 2,000,000 (Decent damage, often low-priced)

S Tier Legendary:

  • Buddha: 7,000,000 (Best for grinding, large hitbox area)

A+ Tier Legendary:

  • Portal: 6,000,000 (Best for fruit hunting, avoiding bounty hunter characters)

A Tier Legendary:

  • Blizzard: 5,000,000 (Strong PVP potential, good for grinding)

B+ Tier Legendary:

  • Quake: 3,500,000 (Large hitbox, excellent for bounty hunting and PVP)

B Tier Legendary:

  • Rumble: 5,000,000 (Great PVP potential if used correctly)
  • Sound: 3,500,000 (Good AoE, high damage, useful for grinding)

C+ Tier Legendary:

  • Love: 1,150,000 (Mostly AoE moves, some mobilityand support)
  • Phoenix: 2,250,000 (Awakened form is great for air camping, strong in PVP and grinding)

C Tier Legendary:

  • Spider: 1,150,000 (Decent if used properly)

D Tier Legendary:

  • Pain: 2,000,000 (Long range, not the very best)

A Tier Rare:

  • Magma: 1,150,000 (Good all-around fruit)

C Tier Rare:

  • Ghost: 800,000 (Good for PVP and grinding, originally called Revive)

Tip: Always check the latest Blox Fruits trading worth before making a deal to get the best value.


Trading in Blox Fruits is a big part of the fun. Get to know the mechanics well, trade wisely, and enjoy the game. Also, keep in mind that you can play for free, online, and on any device without downloading anything.

This Blox Fruits trading guide should help you get the most out of trading fruits, whether you’re on a PC, Chromebook, laptop, or mobile. Enjoy playing Blox Fruits on for the best experience.