Adopt Me! on – A Thorough Guide for Pets

Become the Pet Master in Adopt Me! by collecting the cutest Pets in the game!

Roblox is a massive success and gamer’s first step forward to a more enjoyable and collective community gaming experience. Individual creators can create their own set of games to create a diverse community around them on the Roblox platform. Adopt Me! has also seen quite the hype from Roblox creators and the community at large, thanks to its fundamentally strong gameplay systems and advanced pet collection mechanics. Adopt a diverse set of pets, ranging all the way from low tier to legendary rarity. Raise them to become stronger, and build your very own bustling town!

In this guide for Adopt Me, we will be doing an extensive guide surrounding everyone’s favorite thing to do in the game – Collecting and Raising Pets! From how to execute adopt me trading of pets, to how to trade with other players, everything regarding the topic of Pets will be discussed. Just to be clear for new players, Pets are the life and blood of Adopt Me. Adopt Me has an extensive list of pets, each assigned its own values. The Pet Value in Adopt Me determines their likeability. The core game revolves around collecting cute and unique pets, building your dream home, and creating a thriving community role-playing as different individuals. 

Collecting Pets in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me revolves around the notion of adopting, collecting, or trading Pets. These stand to be the 3 main ways of obtaining new Pets on your account. Pets come in 5 distinct rarities – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary. Go to the Nursery to get a new Pet egg. You would need to purchase it using in-game currency. In addition to a random type, you can purchase three different kinds of eggs. The more expensive varieties have a higher probability of producing a rarer pet. After obtaining an egg, you must hatch it by carrying out tasks identical to those for the tutorial egg. You get to see your pet once it hatches. Pet values in Adopt Me are determined according to the rarity of the pet. The Higher the Pet value, the better the price the pet will fetch in the Traderie. Adopt Me pet values are sometimes more random, adding to the collector’s delight.

Taking Care of Your Pet in Adopt Me!

The pet you initially acquire will be a newborn. In the same manner that you hatch your egg, you raise your pet by having it actively participate in tasks. The amount of work required to advance to the next growth level depends on how rare your pet is; rarer pets require more work. Newborn, Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, Post-Teen, and Full Grown are the growth stages. Additionally, you can check out this thorough guide for growing pets posted by Reddit user IamKevio.

Trading Pets in Adopt Me!

After you have accumulated a sizable number of pets, you can look out to trading! Trading revolves around exchanging your pet with another player’s Pet. You can execute these trades in the traderie of Adopt Me. The Adopt Me trading values are nothing but numbers assigned to each trade. In the start, we would recommend trading away lower rarity Pets but you can also opt to do the same for legendary pets. Simply head on over to the player you want to Trade with and click “E”. Press “1” to open the Trade menu and send the other player a Trade request. If they accept, you can then add items to the Trade window using the “+” sign. Pressing “accept trade” once you are both happy with the items being traded completes the transaction. 

A fair warning, not every player is truthful. Some players may attempt to defraud you of your belongings. They will try to trick you into giving them extremely rare items by playing games like “trust trade” or similar ones. Such requests should always be turned down, and you should only accept straightforward trades. Players who attempt to con you into giving them an ultra-rare or even legendary pet in exchange for a few common pets should also be avoided. We would recommend checking a complete Adopt Me Pet list for more information on different pets. 

Adopt Me! on

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