Among Us on Champion This Social Deduction Game by Playing Online on the Cloud

Up the Among Us ambiance without worrying of lag, downloads and disconnections by playing on

Games come, games go. But, there are very few games that redefine an entire genre like Among Us did. Developed by Innersloth in 2018, Among Us is a social deduction game that involves a space theme, with crewmates looking to survive and eliminate the Impostors that have infested their crew on the spaceship. Impostors, on the other hand, will be looking to kill and eliminate the crewmates before ultimately taking over the spaceship. 

Innersloth described Among Us as a party game of teamwork and betrayal and it lives up to this theme. Among Us first witnessed some sort of popularity in 2019 when Twitch streamer AdmiralBulldog played it on a regular basis. However, as the pandemic situation initiated lockdowns, Among Us burst onto the scene and instantly became a household name.

Every streamer and gamer – casual and hardcore – dipped their hands into the Among Us pool, with the game-breaking records left, right, and center. Community mods and variants kept the players stimulated while Innersloth developers canceled Among Us 2 to focus more on development, maintenance and improvement of the game mechanics and minerals. 

Among Us also came with a mobile application that further appealed to the casual gamers and even non-gamers that just wanted to have a fun experience with friends, colleagues, and family. The PC users were miffed with the fact that the mobile application was free to play and the game enabled cross-play, which meant players were able to play Among Us for free with PC players through their mobile screens.

The Among Us Mobile Snag

While the mobile application was free and saved money, it came at the price of crippling disconnection issues and more. First of all, the entire navigation was a bit cumbersome and the visuals were not nearly as appealing as the PC one, even though Among Us isn’t a visual spectacle by any means.

The disconnection issues were a huge snag in the entire experience. Frequent mid-match disconnections ruined the flow of the game multiple times and even entering the lobby was a labored prospect at one point.

Along with it, the controls were very clustered and it didn’t make for smooth gameplay, which in turn ruined others’ gameplay as well. Also, the mobile application brought in a lot of newbies that made for an unpleasant experience.

Add to it the lag and the mobile experience was way worse compared to that on the PC. 

Elevate the Among Us experience while playing online on the cloud

One solution to the multitude of issues on mobile is the prospect of playing Among Us on Android emulators that allow an experience closer to the PC one. However, even Emulators require certain tweaks to the PC and require a machine, first and foremost, something not everyone has access to.

Emulators also require a mirror login and do require some space on the PC along with setting the emulation as per the specifications of the machine. A lot is dependent on just how strong or modern your PC is when using emulators to enhance the experience.

However, a Cloud platform takes the entire experience to a new level. It removes the reliance on PC specifications that still affect emulators to an extent, eliminates the concept of having to download something while also saving space for the users on their devices. is a platform powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS, a distributed Android architecture that, using multiple server clusters, can handle all the processing required to run the games, and give the user access to it via streaming. It’s also easier to stream your game on streaming platforms when using the cloud system to enjoy Among Us. Furthermore, by using edge computing principles, users can also enjoy a lag-free experience regardless of their geographical location.

Let us look at a few key benefits of playing Among Us on

Leave the Lag Behind

A major reason behind a deteriorated experience on the mobile is the lag due to connectivity issues and mid-game disconnections. Using should remove that encumbrance from your gaming experience. You can enjoy Among Us lobbies without worrying about disconnections every now and then and be privy to lag-free gaming. Impostors can be sure they will now be able to press the Kill Button and be able to eliminate the crewmate in time while also reporting a body before others to trick them. Crewmates can do the opposite and press the emergency meeting button to evade the Impostors’ grasp. 

Steer Clear of Custer and Customize your Controls

Another hindrance in the Among Us mobile version is the clustered controls that cause a lot of errors and misclicks, which can be irritating for players. With, you can customize your controls and use an array of buttons to remove the encumbrance surrounding the controls while also clearing your screen to a large extent. 

Save Storage Space

The major selling point of a cloud system like is the ability to play games without ever having to download a speck or even as small as a file. This saves storage space for devices that are already stuffed to the neck and is crippled for space. Also, do away with the regular requirements of updating your application or game depending on your choice of device if you play these mobile games online on

Remove the Heating Hassle 

Mobile devices are prone to get heated up after even a small session of gaming, even if it is a low-requirement game like Among Us. However, minimizes the heating issue while also removing the battery drainage that has become a problem in modern mobile devices these days. 


All you need to play Among Us on is a device; any device for that matter along with a normal stable internet connection.

If you’re an Among Us enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to give Among Us a try on the mobile cloud. Reach out today to learn how to add your game to our expanding catalog on and experience everything that mobile cloud gaming has to offer.

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