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Play Solar Smash Instantly in Browser

Solar Smash is a simulation game developed by Paradyme Games. With, you can run apps or start playing games online in your browser. Explore a variety of online games and apps from different genres, all in one place.

Play Solar Smash Instantly in Browser

Solar Smash is a simulation game developed by Paradyme Games. With, you can run apps or start playing games online in your browser. Explore a variety of online games and apps from different genres, all in one place.

Play Solar Smash online for free with mobile cloud. Lay waste to an entire planet in Solar Smash by Paradyme Games, the planet destruction simulator that gives you a perfectly good planet and an arsenal of cataclysmic, world-ending toys to play with.


It’s the perfect stress reliever! Just pick a weapon from the list and let your inhibitions go. Blow the world to pieces with a barrage of nuclear missiles. Poke holes through the planet’s crust with massive lasers. Or rain down rocky destruction with a shower of asteroids and extinction-inducing meteors.


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Solar Smash provides a unique and thrilling gameplay experience that allows players to embrace their destructive side. Whether you’re looking for a cathartic release or simply want to marvel at the visual spectacle of planet destruction, this game offers an exciting escape from reality. So, if you’re ready to unleash chaos and witness the power of destruction, embark on your journey with Solar Smash today.


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Click the ‘play in browser’ button and get started within no time, only on


How to unblock Solar Smash and play online for free?

To unblock Solar Smash and play it online, simply visit and play it directly in your browser. No downloads needed.

Is Solar Smash free on PC?

Solar Smash is available for download on Android and iOS, completely for free. However, users can also download and install the game on their PC with the BlueStacks app player, or play it on any device, at any time, and in any place, through the mobile cloud. 

Is Solar Smash realistic?

The point of Solar Smash isn’t to be realistic as much as it is fun. Players have a variety of tools and weapons at their disposal to destroy not only planets but entire solar systems through the “planet smash” and “system smash” game modes, respectively. But with that being said, the game does have a degree of realism to the way the physics and destruction work, particularly in how big explosions on one side of the planet can propagate the destruction and take up much larger swathes of the region. 

Solar Smash gives players complete freedom when destroying planets, and its realistic physics and destruction systems make it a feast for the eyes and soul every single time. And barring the previous two, it’s simply a very cathartic experience.

What is the point of Solar Smash?

Solar Smash is the epitome of a sandbox game; a game that drops you straight into the gameplay with no tutorial at all, and leaves you to figure out the best and most fun ways to fulfill your objective which, in this case, is to destroy the planets and other celestial bodies. In this sense, there’s really no “point” to Solar Smash other than experimenting with the different tools and finding out new and exciting ways to destroy planets.


There are, however, a number of achievements that players can obtain by fulfilling certain conditions, such as using weapons, or destroying a planet entirely. These goals are the closest you’ll have to an actual objective in this game.

Does Solar Smash cost money?

Solar Smash is available completely for free, though it is supported by in-game ads. In this sense, players can make a small purchase to both support the developers as well as permanently remove ads from their games.

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