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Snake games are like digital tag with a twist – you’re the tagger, but also the it!  Imagine a long, skinny worm slithering around a screen, trying to gobble up yummy dots. That’s the basic idea behind snake games.  You control the snake, and the longer it gets from eating dots, the harder it becomes to avoid bumping into itself!


The snake moves around the screen, and wherever the head goes, the rest of the body follows.  Your job is to steer the snake with the arrow keys or buttons, collecting as many dots as you can.  The more dots you eat, the longer your snake gets, and the higher your score becomes.  Sounds easy, right?


But here’s the tricky part: the game ends if the snake bumps into itself or the walls of the screen.  So, as your snake grows longer, it becomes harder and harder to control, and you gotta be careful not to get tangled up in your own tail!


Some snake games have special power-ups you can gobble up too.  These might make your snake grow even faster, slow it down for a bit, or even teleport it to a different part of the screen.  There might even be walls you can break through to create shortcuts or new areas to explore.