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Relaxing games are like mini-vacations for your brain! They’re all about helping you unwind and de-stress after a long day at school or a busy afternoon playing other games. Imagine a calming beach with gentle waves and a cool breeze – that’s the kind of feeling you get with relaxing games.

These games are usually slow-paced and don’t require a lot of fast thinking or button-mashing. They might involve things like solving puzzles at your own pace, coloring beautiful pictures, or building a peaceful garden in a digital world. The music and sound effects are often calming and soothing, with gentle tunes and nature sounds like birds chirping or waves lapping at the shore.

Some relaxing games are like digital coloring books, where you can choose from tons of pictures and fill them in with all sorts of colors.  Others might be like building games, but instead of giant skyscrapers or crazy contraptions, you build calming and serene landscapes with waterfalls, flower beds, and cute little houses.