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Leap, bound, and conquer in these heart-pounding online Platform Games. Master the art of movement and timing in different platform games that will challenge your reflexes and ignite your sense of adventure. 


Experience the rush of bouncing, rolling, and collecting in this fast-paced, physics-based adventure. Navigate the ball through vibrant levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many balls as possible to unlock new challenges in Going Balls.


Put your stealth skills to the test in this side-scrolling game. Help Bob navigate his way through security lasers, sleeping guards, and tricky puzzles to pull off the ultimate heist in Bob The Robber.


Get ready for a unique twist on the platformer genre! In Body Race, you control a blob that can morph into different shapes to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line first. Race your friends or compete against the clock in this innovative and addictive game.


Dive into the rhythm-based madness of Geometry Dash SubZero. Master the art of jumping, flipping, and maneuvering your cube through challenging levels.