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Have a whole bunch of fun, bite-sized games at your fingertips, all ready for a quick burst of fun whenever you have a few minutes to spare.  These games are like little bursts of excitement, perfect for when you’re waiting in line, on a short break, or just want a quick pick-me-up.


There are all sorts of Mini Games on Some are like classic arcade games, where you might race against silly cars on a colorful track, try to catch all the falling fruit, or dodge wacky obstacles in a maze. Imagine zooming past your opponents in a tiny car race, filling your basket with yummy fruit, or finding your way through a silly maze filled with giant lollipops – that sounds like fun, right?


Other Mini Games are more like exciting challenges. You might solve a tricky puzzle to unlock a hidden door, build a cool tower out of colorful blocks, or even battle a silly robot in a friendly match.  Imagine figuring out a brain teaser that makes you think outside the box, building a giant castle with all sorts of wacky shapes, or having a friendly duel with a robot who uses a silly water gun – the possibilities are endless!