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Jump Scare Games are like spooky haunted houses but for your computer or phone!  They’re all about getting a jump scare, which is a sudden surprise that makes you yell or giggle (depending on how brave you are!).  Imagine exploring a creepy mansion with creaky doors and cobwebs everywhere. You never know what might lurk around the corner – a spooky ghost, a hissing spider, or maybe even a grumpy mummy!

These games are designed to make you feel a little scared and on edge.  The music might be creepy and suspenseful, and the graphics can be dark and mysterious.  You might hear strange noises in the background, or see shadows flicker in the corner of your eye.  Suddenly, BAM! A monster jumps out at you from nowhere, making you jump in your seat!

Jump Scare Games aren’t for everyone.  They can be a bit scary, especially if you don’t like spooky things.  But some people actually find them fun!  It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster – it’s scary at first, but then you laugh and feel excited afterward.