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A brave knight exploring magical lands, battling silly dragons with fire that tickles instead of burns, and befriending talking animals on your adventures.  These games let you live out your wildest dreams, from wielding a sparkly sword in a glistening forest to casting harmless spells and solving tricky puzzles!


There are all sorts of Fantasy Games on  Some are like exciting adventures where you explore colorful kingdoms, battling goofy goblins with wacky weapons or casting silly spells that make flowers bloom instead of causing any harm.  Imagine riding a friendly unicorn through a sparkly forest and helping a silly gnome find his lost hat – that sounds like fun, right?


Other Fantasy Games are more like solving mysteries. You might explore spooky castles filled with talking ghosts (who like to play hide-and-seek!), or help a wise wizard unlock the secrets of a magical book.  No matter what kind of Fantasy Game you choose, there’s always an adventure waiting for you!