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With a range of thrilling challenges and obstacles, these online Avoid games are sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.


One of the standout games in this category is Dumb Ways to Die 2. Here, players must navigate a series of mini-games and challenges, all while avoiding various hazards and dangers. 


For those seeking a different kind of challenge, Drift Boss offers an exciting experience behind the wheel. Players must master drifting as they navigate through challenging tracks, dodging obstacles, and trying to achieve the highest score possible.


In Bob the Robber, players take on the role of a skilled thief on a mission to pull off daring heists. Navigating through a variety of levels, players must avoid security guards and alarms while collecting valuable loot. 


Body Race puts players in a footrace against opponents, where they must dodge obstacles and strategically maneuver to reach the finish line first. 


Finally, Short Life challenges players to guide a character through treacherous levels filled with deadly traps and hazards.