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A brave explorer journeying through twinkling galaxies, encountering all sorts of wacky aliens.  These games let you live out your spacefaring dreams, from befriending silly aliens on strange planets to battling goofy space pirates for hidden treasures.  No matter what kind of alien adventure you crave, has a game for you!

Alien Games come in all shapes and sizes on  Some are like exciting space adventures where you explore colorful planets, solve tricky puzzles to find hidden alien artifacts, and maybe even make some silly alien friends along the way!  Imagine digging through sparkling space rocks and unearthing a glowing alien gadget – that’d be super cool, right?


Other Alien Games are more about action-packed encounters.  You might take control of your own spaceship, dodging lasers and asteroids as you battle goofy space pirates for their wacky loot.  Imagine blasting your way through a swarm of silly space squids to reach a hidden treasure planet – that sounds exciting!


There are even Alien Games where you can create your own wacky alien character!  You might choose their funny antennae, their sparkly skin color, and even give them a silly name.  Then, you can explore wacky alien planets, meet other goofy characters, and have all sorts of space adventures together.


The best part about is that you can set sail (or should we say, blast off!) on your alien adventure without needing to download anything. Just pick a game, and you’re ready to explore the cosmos!  So if you’ve ever dreamed of encountering friendly aliens or battling silly space pirates,’s Alien Games are the perfect way to make that dream a reality.