How to Rotate and Zoom In/Out With Your Camera in The Sims on

Discover how to rotate and zoom in/out with your camera in The Sims on Master the art of capturing every angle and detail of your Sims' lives with these step-by-step instructions.

How can I do this?

While playing The Sims, rotating and zooming in/out with your camera can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and unlock a new level of creativity.

By rotating or zooming with your camera, you can:

  • Experience the world in more detail from unique angles
  • Catch more intricate details of your Sims’ lives in events such as social gatherings or while designing your dream house
  • Examine your house from various perspectives, ensuring that your interior and exterior designs are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing

You can rotate and swing your camera with ease by:

  • Pressing “F1” and move your mouse in the direction you wish to rotate the camera to
  • Moving your mouse in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction will rotate the camera screen in that direction, respectively

To zoom in/out while playing:

  • Press “ESC” to unlock your mouse cursor
  • Pinch your fingers on the trackpad to zoom in/out.

Unlock your creativity and experience your Sims’ lives from different viewpoints!

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