How To Explore The Game Screen

Discover the ultimate guide to navigating the game screen effortlessly. Learn essential tips and tricks to explore every feature seamlessly and enhance your gaming experience.

What can I do on the game screen?

When you play a game on, you can:

View/switch your profile

To view or switch your profile, click on your avator’s icon on the top right as shown below, from where you can:

  • View your profile’s details, such as:
    • Games Played & Total Playtime
    • Rankings for Robux Earnings
    • Recently played games
  • Click on “Logout” to switch your profile
  • Click on “?” icon to report a problem

To sign in with a different account:

  • Click on your profile icon 
  • Click on “Sign in”
  • Select your preferred login method which can be your email address or your Discord/Google/Facebook account

Report a problem

If you run into any problem while playing a game, such as FPS drops, laggy gameplay, etc, you can report this by simply clicking on the “?” icon shown after you click on your profile icon, located on the top right.

After a report has been submitted, a member of our Support Team will then reach out to you to further investigate the problem.

Alternatively, you can also click on the “?” icon on the bottom left of your game screen, as shown below.

Change mouse sensitivity

While playing a game on, you can increase or decrease your mouse sensitivity to further polish your aim and in-game movement. 

To do this, click on the “mouse cursor” icon on the bottom bar and adjust the slider to change the mouse sensitivity. 

While there is no direct answer to “What is the best mouse sensitivity?” (as it depends on various factors such as the game and your playstyle), with the steps described below you can adjust your mouse sensitivity to find the one that works perfectly for you.

Adjust audio output 

Click on the volume icon, as shown below, to mute/unmute the game or drag the slider to increase/decrease the game’s audio output.

View/switch game controls

To view the game controls for each in-game action, simply click on the gamepad icon at the bottom of your screen as shown below. Additionally, you can toggle between different controls, if available, to suit your playstyle!

Record your gameplay

To record your gameplay, simply click on the “Start recording” button at the bottom of the screen. On the pop-up that appears, click on “Allow”, as shown below.

To stop the recording, simply click on the “record” button again. On the next screen, you will see a pop-up stating that your recording is ready. You can now rename the video and save it by clicking on the “Download” or “Save on” option.

To learn more, click here.

Enter fullscreen mode

If you’d like to play in fullscreen mode, simply click on the icon shown below. To exit fullscreen mode, simply press “ESC” on your keyboard.

Searching for games

If you’d like to switch to another game, simply click on “Search Games”, as illustrated below, and type in the name of the game you’d like to play.

Additionally, you can also browse games through the genre or select one of the trending games of the week!

Thank you for choosing We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!