Step-by-Step: How to Chat with a Character on Talkie: Soulful AI

Do you want to learn how to chat with AI characters on Talkie: Soulful AI? Follow these simple steps to start engaging in conversations and unique features.

Chatting with AI characters is a fun and exciting way to spend your time. Talkie: Soulful AI on gives you a cool platform to chat with different AI characters, each with its own story and personality.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your conversations on Talkie: Soulful AI. You’ll learn how to connect with these characters and make your interactions enjoyable and meaningful.

Whether you’re new to AI chat or looking to improve your skills, this guide has got you covered. Let’s jump in and start chatting!

What Is Talkie: Soulful AI?

Talkie: Soulful AI is an app where you chat and role-play with AI-made characters. It’s similar to Character AI, where you can find many different characters and settings, like romance, fantasy, horror, comedy, and sci-fi.

You can chat with famous virtual characters like Homelander, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Hyunjin. You can also make your own characters with easy-to-use tools. Some user-made AI characters are very detailed, with special voices and stories, while others might not be as impressive.

When you find a character you like, you can start chatting. You’ll earn reward cards based on how good and long the conversation is. These cards come in different levels of rarity and can be sold for gems. So, you can use gems to buy more rare and valuable cards.

Tip: Start with popular characters to get the hang of chatting and earning rewards.

How to Get Started with Talkie

To start chatting with AI characters on Talkie: Soulful AI, just follow these easy steps:

  • Open the application: Launch the Talkie: Soulful AI application on on any device that you have near you (if it has a browser installed).
  • Choose a character: Once the app is open, browse through different AI characters by swiping left or right. Each character’s profile shows their name, a quick intro about their background, and what your chat will be about.

Tip: Explore different characters to find the ones that match your interests for the best chat experience.

How to Interact with AI Characters

You’ve got a few options for chatting with characters on Talkie: Soulful AI. First, you can type your messages in the provided text box to interact with the AI friend.

Next, if you need some help with what to say, you can click on the bulb icon. This feature offers automatically generated message suggestions, and you can choose from these to respond to the AI companion.

Tip: Use the bulb icon for helpful message suggestions when you’re unsure what to say.

More Features on Talkie: Soulful AI

Talkie: Soulful AI has some cool extras to make your experience even better:

  1. Follow the character: Keep up with your favorite characters and get updates on their stories.
  2. Call options: You might be able to make calls or do other fun interactive activities with the characters.
  3. More information: Check out detailed info about each character to get to know their background and personality better.

Tip: Follow your favorite characters to stay updated on their latest stories and activities.

How to Create a Character in Talkie: Soulful AI

Creating a character in Talkie: Soulful AI is easy and fun. Here’s a quick way to get you started:

  1. Start designing: Open the app and click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Create My Talkie.’ Choose your character’s appearance, such as female, male, or non-binary.
  2. Customize appearance: Pick a style that fits your vision. You can upload a reference image from Google and describe how you want your character to look and act.
  3. Choose a design: Browse through the generated designs and pick the one you like the most. Adjust the focus to highlight your character’s face.
  4. Set up a profile: Give your character a name, write a short intro, and create a long description that includes their personality and background. Add tags like “sociable” or “fun” to describe them.
  5. Pick a voice: Select a voice that suits your character. There are many options, so choose one that fits perfectly.
  6. Preview and confirm: Review all your choices, make any final adjustments, and confirm. Now, your character is ready to interact with others in Talkie: Soulful AI.

Tip: Use reference images and detailed descriptions to make your character truly unique and engaging.

How to Enjoy Talking to AI Friends for Free on

Playing Talkie: Soulful AI online on is a fun and free way to pass the time.

First, click on the link above to go to the game page. From there, click on “Play on Browser” to launch the app.

Next, you can start by picking an AI character that catches your eye. Each character has a unique backstory, so you’re sure to find someone interesting to chat with.

With, you can chat with AI friends without having to download any files. Plus, you can use whatever device you want, including your PC, laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or mobile phone!

The best part? It’s all free! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some engaging conversations with your new AI friends on

Tip: Enjoy chatting with AI friends for free on any device by launching the app directly from your browser.


Chatting with AI characters on Talkie: Soulful AI is super easy and fun. Just follow the steps in this guide to start conversations with different characters and check out all the cool features the platform has.

You can type your responses or use the hint feature to keep the chat flowing smoothly. Each character has its own personality and background, making every interaction unique and interesting.

Talkie: Soulful AI will keep you entertained and engaged. So, stay tuned on for more tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience with Talkie: Soulful AI.