Play Super Sus on Any Device Instantly with a Single Click and No Downloads on is the best way to play Super Sus on any device, with a single click, and with no downloads or installations. Find out more in this guide.

Many people say that progress is inevitable: While the old trailblazers help to set the foundation for the advancement of any industry, it’s the ones that come later who will help these industries to make technological strides. This also applies to gaming as, while games like Among Us help to popularize certain genres and concepts, it’s the ones that have come later on that refine the formula and improve it in many aspects. Super Sus is a good example of this as it’s similar to Among Us in concept and gameplay, but with a much more advanced graphical style, and with tons of new mechanics overall.

Super Sus is a social deduction game where a group of players is split into two teams, Spacecrew and Impostors, with the former always outnumbering the latter. The matches take place in maps where the objective is to either run around completing tasks as a Spacecrew, or stealthily murdering everyone else as an Impostor. And while the Spacecrew must always keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in order to identify the Impostors, their infiltrator enemies must try their best to keep their identity a secret and win the matches by defeating enough members of the opposite team.

The matches end whenever the Spacecrew finish all their tasks and achieve victory, or when the Impostors murder enough people so that there are as many of them as there are Spacecrew. As such, Super Sus could also be considered an asymmetrical survival title. 

If you’ve ever played Among Us by now, you’ll notice that Super Sus is very, very similar in many aspects. Not only does the game control identically, but the maps are also basically copies, and the tasks are much the same. However, Super Sus shines brightly thanks to its presentation, featuring stellar 3D graphics and awesome animations that oozes production values, at least when compared to the relatively simplistic cartoony art style in Among Us. Moreover, Super Sus also has several upgrades under the hood like a friends list feature (only recently added to Among Us), in-game voice chat, a Ranked mode for competitive gameplay, tons of new and innovative roles for both Spacecrew and Impostors, and much more.

With that being said, Super Sus is still much the same game that you can enjoy for quick sessions during your downtime at work or school. And what better way to enjoy games like these than by playing Super Sus on, especially since our mobile cloud gives you instant access on any device with a single click, with no downloads or installations required. Whether you want to play on your phone, tablet, PC, laptop, Mac, or any other device, as long as you can open and run a web browser, you can play Super Sus on it.

Accessing Super Sus on the Cloud With is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible to access and use, which is why all it takes to play games on the mobile cloud is just a couple of clicks, literally. Super Sus is no exception to this as you can easily and quickly launch it on any device by going to the game’s app page on the website, clicking on “Play in browser”, and waiting a couple of seconds for the browser player to launch. And since the games are running on our cutting-edge hardware and you’re simply streaming it through the internet, you can get the absolute best performance and graphics, regardless of your device specifications.

This ease of use makes the best way to enjoy Super Sus whenever you have a few minutes of downtime, especially because you’ll never have to sit through any pesky downloads or updates, and can simply play your games instantly and with a single click. You can even bookmark the URL on your browser to add easy and quick access whenever you want to play a match or two. And the best part is that you won’t even have to commit any storage space for downloading and installing the game since, once again, it’s running on our servers.

The benefits of playing Super Sus on isn’t limited to the players, however, since there’s also much value for developers and publishers. Specifically, when it comes to the marketing and advertisement of the games, since it’s easier and quicker to post the game’s URL on social media, and have your users gain instant access with no wait time, rather than getting them to download, install, and update your game before actually trying it out. This ensures that you’ll get better user retention since everyone can try or play it with a single click, no strings attached.

Benefits of Playing Super Sus on

As if what we mentioned so far wasn’t enough, here are two additional key benefits that anyone can enjoy when playing Super Sus on the mobile cloud:

  • Play With the Best Controls

For the most part, Super Sus has very simple tasks that can be easily and quickly completed. However, some of these tasks could be a bit trickier to perform, especially if you’re playing on a small phone screen and with touchscreen controls. Luckily, by playing Super Sus on PC with, you can get access to a superior control scheme using your mouse and keyboard, which will simplify most tasks in the game.

  • Synchronize Your Cosmetics and Progress Across all Devices

For many gamers out there, Super Sus is not just about winning, but it’s also about looking good while doing so. In this sense, those who play Super Sus on will be able to access their cosmetics and outfits on any device, simply by logging in with their PI account, or by binding their account to In this sense, you can find all your outfits and purchased items regardless of where you’re playing Super Sus on

There are countless reasons for why you’d want to play Super Sus on the mobile cloud. The above two are just scratching the surface in terms of the convenience and usefulness of our gaming platform. Try it out for yourself and see what the hype is about!