The Ultimate Royale High Beginner's Guide for New Roblox Players

Royale High on is a super popular game on Roblox where you can roleplay and dress up your avatar. With its amazing community and cool features, it's a hit

Royale High on is a super popular game on Roblox where you can roleplay and dress up your avatar. With its amazing community and cool features, it’s a hit among players. But if you’re new, understanding the basics can make a huge difference.

Knowing how to customize your character, explore different realms, and earn diamonds will help you have more fun and get the most out of the game. This Royale High beginner’s guide will give you all the tips you need to start your adventure in this Roblox mini-game.

Creating and Customizing Your Avatar

Creating and customizing your avatar in Royale High is where the fun begins. You can choose from loads of hairstyles, clothing options, and accessories. Want a flowing gown or a casual outfit? It’s all up to you. The game gives you tons of choices to make your character truly unique.

Personalizing your avatar is important for roleplaying. Your look can reflect your personality and style. There are endless possibilities in Roblox Royale High on, whether you want to be a glamorous princess or a cool student.

Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect look. Change your hairstyle, mix and match outfits, and add accessories like wings or jewelry. The more you customize, the more you’ll enjoy the game.

Remember, it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. So, take your time and get creative with your avatar.

Tip: Mix and match different styles to create a look that’s truly you.

Exploring the Realms

Exploring the different realms in Royale High is an adventure in itself. Each realm has its own vibe and unique things to offer. For example, Sunset Island is perfect for relaxing and participating in pageants.

The Apartments realm is your cozy home base where you can chill and decorate. Divinia Park is great for socializing and discovering hidden treasures.

Teleporting between these realms is easy. Just use the Teleport Map to hop from one place to another. Each realm has special events and items you won’t find anywhere else. Exploring these places can earn you cool prizes and unique experiences.

Also, visiting different realms keeps the game exciting. You never know what you might find or who you might meet. Whether it’s a new outfit, a fun event, or making new friends, there’s always something to look forward to.

Tip: Check out each realm regularly to catch special events and hidden goodies.

Earning and Managing Diamonds

Diamonds are super important in Royale High. They are the main currency used to buy cool outfits, accessories, and other in-game items. You’ll need diamonds to participate in various activities and events, so having a good stash is always a plus.

Ways to Earn Diamonds

There are several ways to earn diamonds. One of the easiest methods is logging in daily. Just showing up gets you a reward. Spinning the wheel is another fun way to earn diamonds and sometimes even special items.

Participating in events can also boost your diamond count. Plus, keep an eye out for hidden diamonds scattered around the game’s realms.

Managing Diamonds Wisely

Spending diamonds wisely is key. Focus on buying seasonal items and taking advantage of special events. These items are usually limited and can make your avatar stand out.

On the flip side, avoid spending diamonds on unnecessary things like cafeteria food. It’s tempting, but those diamonds can be used for more valuable purchases.

Having a strategy for earning and spending diamonds makes the game more enjoyable. You’ll always have enough to get the best items and participate in exciting events without running out.

Tip: Log in daily and join events to keep your diamond stash growing.

Leveling Up and Gaining XP

Leveling up in Royale High is all about staying active. Attend classes like baking or art to earn XP. Completing quests and participating in mini-games also help boost your level. Moreover, regular activities, like joining events, keep the XP flowing.

Don’t forget about sleeping. It might sound funny, but sleeping in the game helps you gain XP, too. The more you do these activities, the faster you’ll level up. Higher levels unlock more features and fun things to do.

Tip: Stay active with classes and quests to level up quickly.

Social Features and Community

Engaging with other players in Royale High makes the game more fun. You can join roleplaying activities and social events, which are great for meeting new people and making friends. Being part of the community adds to the excitement and enjoyment.

For the latest game updates, follow the developers on social media platforms like Twitter. They often share news about new features, events, and more. Staying connected helps you get the most out of the game.

Tip: Join social activities and follow game updates to stay connected and informed.

Special Items and Events

Special items like Halos are rare and expensive in Royale High. They’re unique and make your avatar look extra special. Deciding whether to invest in them depends on your style and budget.

Seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas bring exciting updates and unique items. Participating in these events can earn you exclusive rewards and make the game more fun. These events offer limited-time opportunities you won’t want to miss.

Make sure to dress up with good Royale High outfits for these special events.

Tip: Keep an eye on seasonal events for rare items and exclusive rewards.

Dorm Life and Personal Space

Customizing your dorm room in Royale High is a fun way to express your style. You can choose from various furniture and decoration options.

It’s up to you whether you want a cozy space or a stylish hangout. Making your dorm comfortable adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. You can invite friends over and show off your unique style.

Tip: Regularly update your dorm with new items to keep it fresh and fun.

Mini-Games and Extra Activities

Mini-games in Royale High add variety to your gameplay. You can go swimming, fishing, or dancing.

These activities break up the main game and provide fun ways to earn rewards. They are great for taking a break from quests and classes while still making progress in the game.

Tip: Try out different mini-games to find your favorites and enjoy new experiences.

Educational Aspects

Royale High isn’t just about fun – it’s also educational. You can attend in-game classes in subjects like math, literature, and gardening.

These classes are interactive and can help you learn new things. Special educational events also provide unique learning opportunities while keeping the game engaging.

Tip: Make the most of in-game classes to level up and gain new skills.


Royale High is an exciting game full of adventures and creativity. Jump in and enjoy customizing your avatar, exploring realms, and making new friends.

Also, don’t miss out on special events and rare items. Stay engaged with the community for the latest updates and tips.

You can play Royale High on, which lets you play for free online on any device. Whether you’re on PC, mobile, tablet, Chromebook, or iPad, there’s no need to download the game.