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Get access to your favorite slots in Pop! Slots from anywhere and at any time, by playing on the mobile cloud.

Mobile games can encompass a very wide repertoire of categories and genres, spanning from the most hypercasual titles like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or Cut the Rope, which are designed to be easy to pick up and play for a few minutes, to the most complex and enthralling gaming experiences like Black Desert Online, or MIR4, which can essentially take over your lives with all the content that they offer. And somewhere in between these two polar opposite categories, we can find slot games.

Slot games have come a long way since they were just mechanical casino games. Nowadays, video slot machines are more popular than ever, and you can even find some of these to play for free on websites. And as the mobile gaming industry grew, so too did the slot machine craze expand to include phone games. Pop! Slots is one of these video slot games, specifically designed to be enjoyed on smartphones, and it’s actually one of the big ones, with millions of downloads on Google Play.

However, despite having the convenience of being able to play on your phone, there are still those that, for one reason or another, might not have the means to install and play it on their phones, which is quite a bummer considering that one of the main draws of apps like these is being able to play on the go. Luckily, those who want to get the best experience with this casino game may do so by playing Pop! Slots on the mobile cloud. With just a single click, you can enjoy this title on any device, with the best performance and visuals, and without even having to download or install a single file on your device. is the first and largest mobile cloud that lets you play all your favorite mobile games on any device. And since you’re streaming these games directly from our servers through the internet, you’re guaranteed to get the best performance with next to no loading times, thanks to our distributed Android architecture. In other words, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can get the very best experience with your favorite mobile games, with near lagless gameplay.

Playing Pop! Slots on the Cloud with

We pride ourselves in making the lives of our users easier, and not the other way around, which is precisely why playing Pop! Slots on is as easy as can be. In fact, accessing this game on the mobile cloud takes literally two clicks: All you have to do is click on the game’s link that will take you to Pop! Slots’ app page on, and then click on “Play in browser” to access the game itself.

In just a few seconds, you’ll be taken to an app player within your browser, in which you’ll be able to enjoy Pop! Slots. And the best part is that, since the game is actually being rendered server-side, and you’re only playing it through the internet via streaming, you can play this game on any device imaginable, as long as it can open a browser tab. This means that you can play this casino mobile game on your PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or laptop, or any other device that can run a web browser.

And if you’re a developer or publisher, you’ll find that can also help greatly to increase the visibility of your game. By being able to advertise and market your game with a single link, and give direct access to the users via the same link, with no installations or downloads required, you can effectively increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, especially since considerable user drop-off comes from actually having to download and install the games.

This ease of sharing comes with the additional benefit of simplifying sharing games, as people can just post the app’s link on their social media pages and drive the visibility of your game even further. With, you can effectively leverage off of the virality effect and boost the popularity and player base of your game.

Benefits of Playing Pop! Slots on has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re a gamer, a developer, a publisher, or someone that’s just interested in getting easy and instant access to their favorite mobile games—that much is clear from what we’ve been explaining so far. However, if you still want more reasons to play Pop! Slots on, then here are a few tangible benefits that you can get from playing on the mobile cloud.

  • Play Your Favorite Slots at Any Time, and Anywhere

The mobile cloud is all about convenience, power, speed, and portability, but without being limited to the confines of your mobile device. That’s why, with our mobile cloud, users can play their favorite games anywhere, on any device, with a single click. 

Whether you’re out and about and have only your phone available, or you’re relaxing at home on your desktop or laptop, all it takes to play on is a couple of clicks.

  • Synchronize Your Progress and Data Across All Your Devices

While lets you play on any device, there might be a concern that you’ll need to start over when you switch to playing on another platform. However, since in most cases your progress in games is saved to services like Facebook, Google, or even the game’s own servers, you can easily and quickly synchronize your data on every device. In this sense, it doesn’t even matter if you’re on a PC, phone, or laptop; you can still play and progress on the same account.

  • Quick Access for a Fast Game of Slots

One of the most important things we take pride in with is how our mobile cloud can give users fast access to their favorite games, especially with games like Pop! Slots, where people might play them for only a few minutes at a time. In cases like these, it’d be quite a bummer if you spend more time launching and loading the game, than what you spend actually playing it. With, however, since the game is rendered by our cutting edge hardware, load times are nearly non-existent. Furthermore, since the game is hosted on our servers, we ensure that it’s always on the latest version, simply so you won’t have to wait for patches to download and install. is easily the best and most intuitive way to enjoy your mobile games, by essentially freeing you from the inherent limitations of your phone. For a game like Pop! Slots, being able to play on any and every device, and at any moment, will be a very welcome benefit.