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Prepare for the epic adventure in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos with this ultimate beginner's guide on now.gg! Get a comprehensive overview of the game, learn about the rebuilding of Insomnia, and ensure you're ready for the thrilling journey that awaits you.

As the latest addition to the Fabula Nova Crystallis realm of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a direct successor to Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos. This interactive adventure revolves around the mission of Noctis and his companions from an alternate reality who are returning to the devastated royal city of Insomnia. Their aim is to eradicate the remaining imperial forces and kickstart the restoration process to bring back its erstere prestige. The gameplay involves resource accumulation, combat with adversaries, forming armies, and even teaming up with fellow players to reconstruct their stronghold and enhance their dominance.

The game, however, doesn’t significantly deviate from the strategy-based conquest formula. This is particularly noticeable when juxtaposed with its preceding version. Yet, War for Eos still manages to offer numerous obstacles for those who are new to it, more so if they are unfamiliar with mobile gaming in general. Consequently, this initiation manual was developed to assist such players by providing beneficial strategies and techniques.

This unique episode of the Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos narrative revolves around the rebuilding efforts in Lucis post-Insomnia’s collapse. Taking place in a distinct parallel universe, it further evolves the initial plot. Facing the relentless onslaught of the Niflheim Empire, the fate of the entire Realm hangs in balance. Are you ready to unite with the surviving members of the Crownsguard to dispel the looming gloom?

A Beginner’s Intro to Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos

Venture into the strategic and adventurous universe of Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos! As the game’s protagonist, you’re tasked with resurrecting the majestic kingdom of Lucis from the ashes. This entails building a formidable city, defending it from the ruthless Niflheim Empire and rival players, and marshalling the famed heroes of Eos to obliterate the shadowy forces.

With your focus on the city, you’ll gather resources, upgrade infrastructure, and exponentially amplify your strength, thereby erecting a city of unrivaled grandeur. Simultaneously, joining forces with Noctis and his squad, you’ll engage in dynamic combat and explore the intricate storyline of Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos. The key here is collecting and refining all heroes to establish the supreme team.

Raising a powerful army is indispensable for achieving supreme power. Train and enhance your troops to shield your resources and launch formidable assaults on your adversaries. Moreover, in this vast realm filled with various players, cooperation and competition go hand in hand. Collaborate within a guild, establishing firm friendships, while striving for prestigious awards and superiority in various events.

User Interface in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos

Operating a thriving city in the game involves understanding and mastering the user interface to keep track of all aspects.

The City View is your main screen, where you manage your city and grow your power. This includes building and upgrading structures, training troops, upgrading heroes, carrying out research, and more. 

You can access your Profile by clicking your Avatar image on the top left of your City View, offering critical stats and shortcuts to key components of your game, such as managing your gear, viewing your army, allocating skill points, etc.

Stay in touch with other players through the Chat bar located at the bottom of your screen. By swiping left or right on the Chat bar, you can switch between different chat channels, and by tapping it, you can access the full chat window.

The Action Menu includes:

The Realm View (represented by a Globe icon), where you’ll find other cities, resource tiles, monsters, etc., after unlocking the Radar Building.

The Quests, rewarding you for various actions like upgrading your Citadel. New daily quests arrive every day at 5pm PT / 00:00 UTC, offering progressively better rewards before resetting.

The Hero and Guild sections, leading to your Heroes page and Guild information respectively.

The Shop for purchasing items to develop your city.

The Items section, divided into four tabs: Resources, War, Combat, and Misc, holding various types of items like Resource Items, Teleports, March Recalls, Hero Tokens, and more.

The Mail section, where you receive special notifications and messages for your account.

How to Expand Your Outpost in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos

In the quest to shape your legacy, your City is the bedrock. With each stride towards mightiness, you inch closer to restoring Eos to its previous glory. Beginning with an Outpost, you’re tasked to eliminate blockades and mend their Gates, thus widening your sphere of influence. As your City’s Power swells, you’ll unlock and erect new Buildings, each offering unique benefits to your City.

Stamina is essential to eliminate Enemy Threats or to enlist Allies within your Outpost. It accumulates over time, and can also be augmented by leveling up your player or accomplishing Story Quests.

Ruined Buildings in yet-to-be-unlocked Areas are under enemy control. Deploy your Hero Squad in Party Encounters to wipe out these threats! Upon Area unlock, repair these Buildings to seize control. Obstacles yield Resources when cleared, and certain Obstacles require a specific Citadel level for removal.

You can send an Army of Troops against an Enemy Army on Army Battle Tiles, accompanied by three chosen Heroes. Recruit Soldiers Tiles allow you to enlist the Army using your Account Stamina. Once all enemy threats are eliminated, you can repair the dilapidated Gates to unlock the Area.

Clearing Obstacles provides access to Areas within your Outpost. Alongside Obstacle clearance, neutralizing nearby threats may also be required to fix the Area’s Gate. Once fixed, the Area becomes yours! You can then repair any Ruined Buildings within the Area to seize control or build other desired Buildings within the Area. Continue this process to broaden your Outpost and gain access to new Buildings.

Building and upgrading the City’s Buildings increases your Prestige, a prerequisite for upgrading your City’s crowning glory, the Citadel, starting at Level 15.

Fundamentals of Combat in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos

In the struggle for Eos’s future, conflict is unavoidable. Your pursuit of peace will frequently pit you in battles. Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos encompasses two combat modes: PvE and PvP. Both necessitate dispatching a March – a move initiated each time you deploy your Troops to a Realm Map Tile. Marches consume a March Slot, and your City’s total of these slots is contingent on the level of Research you’ve achieved.

PvE Combat manifests in two forms: skirmishing against Monsters or Imperial Troops, and during Party Encounters.

Skirmishes involve identifying a target on the Realm Map and sending your Troops to that location in a March. Successful skirmishes yield rewards such as Supply Crates, Hero XP, and Resources.

Party Encounters are usually initiated by embarking on Chapters in the Campaign. They involve your Party of Heroes engaging in intense combat with formidable enemies. Completion of a Chapter rewards you with Party Encounter Items, Hero XP, and Hero Catalysts. Party Encounters can also be uncovered on the Realm Map via Radar Objectives.

PvP Combat ensues when you attack another player, defend your City against another player’s assault, or vie for an objective on the Realm Map. When on the offensive, you can either go solo by launching your Troops in a March or organize a joint attack with your Guild in a Rally. Successful attacks on another player’s City allow you to seize a portion of their Resources, thereby weakening their standing.

Gathering Resources and Researching in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos

Resources play a vital role in various aspects of the game, including constructing buildings, training/healing troops, conducting research, and more.

Food is produced within the Farm Building, but can also be acquired during Outpost expansion and on Resource Tiles across the Realm Map.

Stone is generated in the Quarry Building, but can also be obtained through Outpost expansion and on Resource Tiles throughout the Realm Map.

Metal is produced within the Mine Building, but can also be acquired during Outpost expansion and on Resource Tiles across the Realm Map.

Energy is generated within the Generator Building, but can also be obtained through Outpost expansion and on Resource Tiles throughout the Realm Map.

Speed Ups are valuable tools used to hasten the completion time of constructions, research, or training.

Stamina is utilized to perform actions on the World Map.

Gold, a precious currency, can be used to purchase a wide range of items in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos. It can also serve as a substitute for other resources to expedite constructions, research, or training.

To gather resources, search for Resource Tiles scattered throughout the World Map. Simply tap on a Resource Tile and send your troops there to commence gathering. Every time you send your heroes and troops to gather from a Resource Tile, it consumes one of your March Slots. Be cautious, as enemy players have the ability to attack your troops while they gather from these Resource Tiles. The higher the level of a Resource Tile, the more resources it will provide.

By completing research, you can enhance your resource gathering speed and increase the number of active marches you can have at once.

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Armed with the knowledge and strategies provided, you are now well-equipped to embark on your journey to rebuild Lucis, engage in thrilling combat, and navigate the complexities of resource management. Remember, teamwork and alliances are key to achieving greatness in this parallel universe. May your city flourish, your armies prevail, and your heroes rise to glory. Good luck and may the light of Eos guide you on your path to victory!

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