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Rival Stars Horse Racing

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Rival Stars Horse Racing is a racing game developed by PIKPOK and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

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Become a champion breeder in charge of your very own stable of beautiful horses. Your family’s legacy of breeding pedigree horses has taken a turn for the worse. Now the family’s name and reputation depends on you. Bring glory back to your stable and show the world what you’ve got!

Feel the thrill and thunder of real horse racing through realistic motion-captured animations and quality commentary. Reap the rewards of your hard work as you train your horses, hire jockeys, and carefully build up a stable of derby-winning champions. Customize everything, from your horse’s setup to the helmets and gear you put on your riders. is the amazing mobile cloud platform bringing a superior Android experience to millions of users around the globe. No more waiting for downloads, no more annoying updates, no more memory-hogging apps. With, you can jump straight into your favorite Android apps and games.


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