How to save your in-game progress permanently

Log in to a social media account through the in-game account system to save and access your game progress on any device.

Several games allow you to log in with a Facebook, Google or another social media account. This lets you save your in-game progress permanently and access it on any device or service using this account.

1. Launch the game you wish to play. For representation purposes, let’s play Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars.
After the game launches, click on the “Settings” button in the game lobby, as shown below.

2. Inside the Settings menu, select “Account”.

3. Under Account Settings, click on “Link”. You will be taken to the Google login screen where you can enter your details and link your Google account with the game.

Once you’ve logged in, your in-game progress will be automatically saved using your Google account. Now, you can log in using any device at any time using this Google account to restore and expand your progress for the selected game.