Cloud Based Mobile Game Monetization

Global platform-as-a-service for game developers with integrated cloud payments

What we do

Increasing margins from current revenue and unlocking new monetization opportunities for game developers.

  • Maximize IAP Margins

    Integrate with our mobile cloud payments for much higher margins on current revenue from in-app purchases. Fully compatible with existing Google and Apple Store policies, offers a 95% cut to game developers, increasing their margins by 25%.

  • NFT Monetization with LiveOps

    Discover a whole new way to monetize games with NFTs on mobile cloud. Leverage the many possibilities that NFT game economy has to offer and add another layer of monetization to your game. Use powerful LiveOps tools to boost adoption of NFTs in your gaming community.

  • NFT-based Games

    Step into the world of NFT-based gaming with mobile cloud. Launch your own NFT-based mobile game with our technology and expertise.

Benefits of empowers developers to create, share and monetize their games on the cloud in ways never done before.

  • +25% Higher Margin

    Increase in-app purchase margins by 25% from currently paying users for in-app purchases.

  • New Revenue

    Target currently non-paying users through NFT-based monetization, NFT marketplace, NFT game fan art and more, to create a new revenue opportunity.

  • Works with Apple and Google

    Fully compatible with existing Google and Apple store policies.

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