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Pou is a simulation game developed by Zakeh Ltd. Do you have what it takes to look after your own alien pet? Feed it, clean it, play with it, and watch it grow up while levelling up and unlocking new wallpapers and outfits to suit your personal preferences. How will you personalise your Pou?


Feed and care for Pou, and then watch it grow! Play games in the Game Room to earn Coins! Experiment with Potions in the Laboratory! Change Pou’s appearance! Experiment with new outfits, hats, and eyeglasses! Customize the wallpaper in each room! Unlock Special Items and Achievements! Come play with your friends! Talk to Pou and pay attention!


The game’s concept is very similar to the classic Tamagotchis that were popular at the turn of the century. That is, you must feed your pet, play with it to keep him entertained, clean it to keep it healthy, and, finally, give it the attention it requires. Play Pou online on a PC or mobile web browser with just a tap. Start playing games online on


Long downloads and annoying updates are over. Without downloading or installing the game, you can play your favorite Pou in the cloud on your PC or mobile device. Instantly transform your old phone, PC, or any other device into a powerful gaming machine.


Quickly share the game’s link on social media to introduce your friends to a new way of playing games. Have you signed in to a new device? Don’t be concerned. You can resume a game on another screen with mobile cloud without losing your progress. So jump into Pou and start playing.


Only on, click the ‘play in browser’ button to get started right away.


How to play Pou online?

Play Pou online on Use the web browser on a PC or mobile to play games online for free. No need to download anymore.

Can you play Pou on PC?

Yes, play Pou on PC for free with Just tap on the play button to get started with full control of keyboard and mouse.

How to download Pou to play?

No need to waste storage and download the game. Play Pou on PC or mobile for free. Just tap the play button on to get started.