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The Grand Mafia


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Play The Grand Mafia online for free with mobile cloud. Become the most infamous Mafia Boss ever in The Grand Mafia, the criminally fun Strategy game by YottaGame. A strong leader has been lacking in the Mafia Family since the death of our Old Godfather.


To make your team stronger, you’ll need to identify and recruit individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the criminal underground, including crooks, mercenaries, athletes, and businessmen. It’s time to fight, control, and take over the criminal underground!


To gain control of the city they live in, players will have to go up against the law and other players. Many companies will be up for grabs during the election. People would turn to you as a rescuer if they want to improve their lot in life. With your sexy appearance and intriguing personality, you’ll attract the attention of models and celebs!


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