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Evony: The King's Return

TG Inc.

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Play Evony: The King’s Return online for free with mobile cloud. Take command of one of seven of the mightiest nations in human history, from the great Chinese empire to the United States of America, and everything in between!


In Evony: The King’s Return by TG Inc., you must learn to become a strong leader, and come out of complex political situations with a clear advantage. Dominate your enemies on the battlefield and administrate your cities and towns to keep them thriving and producing resources to power your military. Establish your civilization as an economic powerhouse by securing resources and using them to research new technologies.


Even the greatest leaders need deputies to help them micro-manage their kingdom. Recruit the world’s most skilled generals, including Yi Sun-sin, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan. Flank your enemy, set your fighters up to get the most out of your army composition, and use strategy and clever tactics to outmaneuver and overpower your foes.


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