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Age of Apes

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Age of Apes is a strategy game developed by tap4fun and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

Age of Apes is a Strategy game developed by tap4fun and allows playing games online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here. 


Are you ready for a post-apocalyptic adventure in which monkeys have taken over? In Age of Apes, the Age of Humans is over, and primates are battling it out for control. You can join one of six legendary Clans and lead your own Gang to victory.


Build up your outpost and train the most powerful monkeys to dominate the monkey world. Fight monkeys from other Clans in massive PVP wars or team up with them to take down terrifying Mutant Monkeys in PVE battles. Explore the world and discover ancient ruins and huge bosses.


But the ultimate goal is to launch Rockets into space in search of bananas. That’s right, the space race is on! Plan your strategy to get ahead of the other Clans and become the first monkey to explore the galaxy.


Communication is key in Age of Apes. Plan strategies with your allies through a unique social system. Become a famous monkey with many followers, and follow other primates too.


Glorious rewards await those who are brave enough to go to war in Age of Apes. Will you manage your outpost and become the most powerful monkey of your Clan? Or will you contribute to your monkey Clan in other ways and become the hero of all primates? It’s up to you to decide how you will win this post-apocalyptic space race.


Goodbye lengthy downloads and nagging updates. Play your favorite Age of Apes in the cloud on your PC or mobile without having to download or install the game. Make your old phone or PC, or any device, a powerful gaming machine instantly. Share the game’s link with your friends on social media quickly and introduce them to a new way of playing games. Logged in to a new device? No worries. With mobile cloud, you can resume a game on another screen without losing progress. So get in Age of Apes right away and start slaying.


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How to play Age of Apes online?

Play Age of Apes online on PC or mobile without downloading. Instead, use the web browser on PC or mobile to play free games, only

Can you play Age of Apes on PC?

Yes, playing Age of Apes on PC is super easy. Just tap on the play button to open the game in the web browser to start playing.

How to download Age of Apes to play?

No need to download games anymore. Play Age of Apes online on a PC or mobile web browser. Tap on the play button to get started.