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Illusion Connect

Role Playing
Superprism Technology Co., Ltd

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Play Illusion Connect online for free with mobile cloud. Create your own Radiants and interact with them in a variety of ways in Illusion Connect, the unique and charming Role Playing by Superprism Technology! Put together a full team of Radiants to take on the Nightmares, using the more than 50 at your disposal!


Each of your Radiants has a unique story and personality, so take the time to get to know them! More than 50 Radiants have been fully developed in live 2-D and may be customized in a number of ways!


Coordination of your selected Radiants with the main character will let you devise numerous methods. Build a squad of Radiants that will save the day! Design and build a home that is uniquely yours! Your wallpapers are waiting for you! Take a break from the battlefield and make your Radiants’ lives as comfortable as possible.


To learn more about the Radiants, spend time with them both in and out of combat. In the face of the Nightmares, your budding relationship will only stronger!


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