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The Ants: Underground Kingdom


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Play The Ants: Underground Kingdom online for free with mobile cloud. It is up to you to guide your queen and create your anthill in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, the addictive Strategy game by StarUnion.


As with a castle, an ant colony’s Anthill serves as a secure haven for the colony’s future generations to flourish. Constructing tunnels and planning an optimal layout for your ant colony are critical components of a successful ant colony’s strategy.


War between animals is common in nature since it is necessary for survival and reproduction. You are the ultimate Ant Ruler in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, and your mission is to construct the Anthill, lead the Queen, expand the colony, and fight against threats. For the glory and success of your ant empire, you must demonstrate your strategic ability and inventiveness. The fate of the colony depends on you.


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