Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life!

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Play Pepi Wonder World: Islands of Magic Life! online for free with mobile cloud. Unleash your child’s imagination and inventiveness by pretend-playing a favorite fairy tale or making up your own in Pepi Wonder World, the Educational game for kids by Pepi Play.


Explore Pepi Wonder World, play a fantasy life simulator, and create stories with your favorite characters, including princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, charming witches, and other delightful fantasy characters!


Pepi Wonder World is a collection of interactive fantasy island landscapes that stimulate imagination. While exploring the islands, children will come across locations such as playgrounds, gem workshops, kitchens, gardens, and hundreds of charming creatures, characters with a range of clothing items and toys, all of which allow for full character customization, resulting in dynamic narratives and lovely stories.


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