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Shining Nikki

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Shining Nikki is a role playing game developed by Papergames and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

Play Shining Nikki online for free with mobile cloud. Shining Nikki is the Role Playing game by Papergames that uses cutting-edge graphics technology to create amazing visuals unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Models with over 80,000 polygons, a top-graded lighting system, and a shadow matrix realistically replicate thousands of fabric textures.


On your screen, the game will give the most spectacular and realistic dress-up experience. Embark on a voyage through the Ocean of Memories with your pals on the Ark! Concert halls, dazzling stages, eerie theaters! Attend the big Guild Party and you’ll be the focus of attention!


Thousands of wonderfully designed costumes will fill your wardrobe and make your fashion fantasy a reality! Personalized makeups, the latest fashion products, or glamorous costume sets… Thousands of exquisitely designed costumes will fill your wardrobe and make your fashion fantasy a reality! Customize your look by mixing and matching elements as you see fit, and you’ll be the brightest star on the stage, defining what fashion is!


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