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Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD

Loongcheer Game

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Play Burger Legend: Idle Hero TD online for free with mobile cloud. Food and tower defense come together in Burger Legend, the scrumptious Casual game by Loongcheer Game.


After countless years at war with the demons, our heroes have finally opened the portal the Kingdom of Food, where peace reigned. For a time, they lived in peace… but that came crashing down the day the demons found their way to the Kingdom of Food.


In Burger Legend, the towers ARE food! Each tower has their own distinct flavor of destruction. Pick the right one for the job! Upgrade your towers with research and unlock even more powerful weapons and tools.


Call upon heroes to help you protect the Kingdom of Food from utter destruction. Unleash mystical powers and wield the elements themselves in your quest to rid this land of the evil demon armies. Save the Kingdom of Food in an unforgettable journey across time!


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