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Stickman Master II: Dark Earl

Loongcheer Game

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Play Stickman Master II: Dark Earl online for free with mobile cloud. It’s time to dive back into the stickman shooting and fighting series with a roguelike twist. In Stickman Master II, the Action game by Loongcheer Game, we continue the adventures of Stickman.


Stickman Master’s powers have been infused into special crystals after the destruction of Black Dragon. Whoever holds the crystals has the ability to wield Stickman Master’s immense strength. After centuries of peace, the Master’s crystals have been stolen by demons, and the Black Dragon stirs.


Stickman Master II is another hard-hitting installment in the popular Stickman Master series, this time with greatly improved graphics! The simple controls and addictive gameplay will have you hooked for hours,  and with tons of skills and abilities to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to play.


Never again will you have to deal with irritating downloads and updates. When you play through, you’re always playing with the most recent version, which means you can jump straight into the action without having to wait.


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