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Animal Run

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Animal Run! is an action game developed by GamesUnion Technology Co.,Ltd. Animal Run! you can control eight different pets, including various dogs, cats, and even a cute little pig. There are six different power-ups to help you improve your distance, with which you can do all kinds of cool moves like flying or going through walls. 


An entertaining endless runner that provides a very traditional gaming experience that will remind you of the genre’s big games. The game also has a charming cast of characters that you can add to as you progress through the game and earn higher scores. Animal Run! is a traditional endless runner in which players control various animals and try to travel as far as they can. 


It’s even better if you can collect a large number of coins along the way. The controls in Animal Run! are typical of the genre. Swipe right or left to move your adorable character, up to jump, and down to duck. You must avoid all obstacles on the ground while collecting coins and other power-ups using these simple controls.


Long downloads and annoying updates are over. Without downloading or installing the game, you can play your favorite Animal Run! in the cloud on your PC or mobile device. Instantly transform your old phone, PC, or any other device into a powerful gaming machine.


Quickly share the game’s link on social media to introduce your friends to a new way of playing games. Have you signed in to a new device? Don’t be concerned. You can resume a game on another screen with mobile cloud without losing your progress. So jump into Animal Run! and start playing.


Only on, click the ‘play in browser’ button to get started right away.


How to play Animal Run! Online?

To play Animal Run! online, use the web browser on a PC or mobile. No need to download the game or update it. With playing games online is easy.

Can you play Animal Run! on PC?

Yes, playing Animal Run! Online on PC is super easy. All you need to do is use the web browser and tap on the play button on the game page. Play Android games online for free, no downloading needed, only on

How to download Animal Run! to play?

No need to download Animal Run! anymore to play it. Use the web browser on the PC or mobile to play games online for free. Discover thousands of Android games to play on