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Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

Forever9 Games

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Play Piggy GO – Clash of Coin online for free with mobile cloud. Play Piggy GO, the Casual game by Forever9 Games where you must race across the board as a different Piggy character each time you roll a die. It’s time to go on the offensive, so attack, steal, and explore new boards if you want to win everything. Attack other villages to slow down other players’ progress. Enter the vault and steal money to create settlements all over the world. Compete with your friends to win large prizes. Complete the reward sets by exchanging cards with other players.


The Super Bonus is yours if you can get your hands on the key! Make your getaway by stealing all the money from the bank’s money sacks. Get a little bit closer to your prize with every lucky roll! Treasure chests containing money, dice, and travel cards can be won by rolling the die The more cards you collect, the more powerful the goodies you’ll receive. Your card set prizes will get even better as you go to other locations. No more long downloads. No more annoying updates. Just hop onto and get right into incredible mobile titles like Piggy GO, without the wait.


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