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War and Peace: Civil War Clash

Strategy Games
Erepublik Labs

Play War and Peace: Civil War Clash Instantly in Browser

War and Peace: Civil War Clash is a strategy game developed by Erepublik Labs and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

Play War and Peace: Civil War Clash online for free with mobile cloud. It’s the height of the Civil War, and our forces require a leader. Lead our soldiers to total victory in War and Peace: Civil War Clash,  the exciting Strategy game experience by Erepublik Labs.


Show your strength on the battlefield as a general during one of the world’s most bloody wars. Develop a plan for war, study Civil War battle maps, and become a Civil War legend. Become the figure that schoolchildren will read about in history books!


Create a powerful empire and deploy your troops to the front lines. When it comes to the outcome of the American Civil War, real-time strategy will determine the outcome. Construct your camp using base building and populate it with a wide range of troops, including infantry, cavalry, and heavy artillery.


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