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Granny 3


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Play Granny 3 online for free with mobile cloud. Granny and Grandpa have brand-new digs in Granny 3, the third installment in the hit Arcade series by DVloper.


Maybe you didn’t like the old house, with it’s peeling wallpaper and musty, deathly rooms. Granny and Grandpa have captured you yet again, and this time they’re bringing you to their new house, and it’s bigger and even freakier than the old one!


The two are ridden with paranoia and treat you like a prisoner. Both roam through the halls, always keeping a vigilant eye out for intruders. They’ll also do whatever it takes to keep you from breaking free.


Drop something on the floor or step on a creaky floorboard and Granny will come rushing to get you. Grandpa’s hearing is horrible, but he’s got an itchy trigger finger and he’ll fire a shotgun blast at anything that surprises him.


Then there’s Slendrina, Granny’s other grandchild, who visits every now and again to scare you out of your pants. You have five days to find a way to freedom. Stream the latest Android games and apps through your browser with, the incredible cloud platform from the makers of BlueStacks.


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