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Valor Legends: Idle RPG

Role Playing
Century Games Pte. Ltd.

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Play Valor Legends: Idle RPG online for free with mobile cloud. Prepare for a fun and challenging Role Playing experience when you play Valor Legends by Century Games. Set in the mystical and magical land of Oasis, set off on a thrilling adventure to restore peace to the Oasis and reclaim this world from the evil Shadow forces.


Summon and collect from more than 70 unique heroes from 5 distinct factions. Learn their abilities, test out their synergies, and create an unstoppable combination of fighters that will take you the top.


Enjoy a relaxing Role Playing experience, and let your fighters do all the heavy lifting! With the idle gameplay mechanics, spend less time micromanaging your heroes, so you can focus on upgrading them and setting up tactics. Don’t forget to log in every once in awhile to claim your rewards!


In Valor Legends, there’s always something exciting to do, from battling the Shadow to uncovering the hidden mysteries of the Oasis. You can even take part in Guild Wars, where you’ll team up with players from all over the world in epic guild-versus-guild engagements. understands your want to begin using your Android applications right now. Nobody likes to sit around waiting for lengthy downloads and irritating updates to complete. All you have to do with is open your browser and go straight to your Android app of choice.


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