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Love Diary: Cube Matching Game

Betta Games

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Play Love Diary: Cube Matching Game online for free with mobile cloud. Help Rachel establish a new life in Love Diary: Cube Matching Game, the charming Casual game by Betta Games.


Create your own style with thousands of DIY decorations. Personalize and decorate each room of your home. Explore the estate and unlock new rooms for remodeling. Get to know a diverse array of memorable characters and get drawn into a gripping plot. You’ll never want to put the game down! Unlock new chapters in the tale by completing match-3 puzzles.


Help Rachel let go of the past and embark on a fresh chapter in life! Use your design and decoration talents to become the patron of your very own bread and breakfast. Manage your business while renovating and restoring the old mansion that is Rachel’s new home.


Meet a colorful cast of characters, including a certain special someone. Could they be Rachel’s soulmate? Play Love Diary: Cube Matching Game to find out! Mobile games are getting more resource intensive every year; sometimes your phone just can’t keep up with the memory and processing requirements of the latest premium titles. With, never worry about huge apps eating up your memory, just hop onto the platform and play — no long waits for downloads and updates required!


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