How to manage Cloud disk space for playing games on Cloud

When you sign-in on, you are immediately assigned some disk space on Cloud. This Cloud disk space is used to store games that you play on Cloud, with their game data.

Every new game you play on Cloud occupies some of your Cloud disk space. You should have a sufficient amount of free Cloud disk space at all times for a smooth gameplay experience.

NOTEThe Cloud disk space is neither related to nor dependent on your PC/mobile device’s system specifications.

How to manage your Cloud disk space

1. If you are running low on Cloud disk space, a message will appear when you launch a game on Cloud, as shown below. Here, click on “Manage Storage”.

2. The next screen will show you the list of games stored in your Cloud disk and the amount of space you need to free up. Click on the checkbox in front of the game that you wish to delete/uninstall and select “Free up space”.

3. The selected game will now be uninstalled. If this creates enough disk space for you to continue playing games, you can click on “Back to game”, as displayed below.

If required, you can remove more games using the method explained in Step 2.

The game you were trying to play will now launch successfully.

You can now dive right into your favorite game on Cloud.