NFG Fungible Game

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What is NFG?

With the NFG ( fungible games) platform, games can be broken down into game code, game events, and game art with different people owning different pieces of the game. The NFG platform can do this automatically for some existing games or enable developers to do this programmatically.

Step into the Mobile Gaming Metaverse

    The NFG platform empowers developers to build for Web 3.0. It lets gamers recreate a game event by changing the game code, game art, and game data.

    Redefining Game Ownership

      Unlike the traditional way where games are owned by an entity or a studio, NFG makes it super easy for different gamers to own different pieces of the game.

      Seamless across gaming engines

        The mobile cloud technology powering the NFG platform works seamlessly for games based on Cocos, Unreal, and Unity engines.
        cocos unreal and unity

        Unique NFT Marketplace

          Create a NFT marketplace within your game or app. Unlock new dimensions in monetization and promotion.
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          The First NFG

          From building for Web 3.0 to launching an NFT marketplace, mobile cloud is empowering game developers to go beyond the usual.

          Yang Guo

          Founder & CEO, Heya Game

          NFG is a mind-blowing new platform. It will transform how games are developed in the future and how games interact with their player.

          It also gives existing mobile developers a path to Web 3.0 building on top of the existing business. This would not have been possible without the mobile cloud.