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The Top Mario Games on

From classic adventures to modern twists, discover a gaming paradise. Level up your gameplay, relive iconic moments, and embark on new Mario adventures—all at your fingertips on

Take a nostalgic trip through the Mushroom Kingdom as we explore the fascinating world of Mario-themed games that are accessible on The enduring appeal of Mario and his friends has captured the attention of players of all ages in everything from classic platformers to exhilarating racing experiences. Come along as we examine the best Mario-inspired games, each of which puts a distinctive spin on the well-known series. The magic of the Mushroom Kingdom will undoubtedly be rekindled by these games on, regardless of your level of experience as an adventurer or plumber. Prepare to sprint, jump, and race alongside Mario in this incredible gaming adventure.

How are the Top Mario Games Selected on

To find top-tier games that are up to our high standards is not easy. The selection of games here is based on the following factors: 

Visual/Graphics and Sound:

  • Selection based on games with high-quality graphics, vibrant visuals, and immersive sound design to enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Attention to detail in recreating the iconic Mario universe with visually appealing elements and engaging audio.


  • Emphasis on games with diverse and engaging gameplay mechanics, including platforming, racing, puzzles, and more, to cater to a wide range of player preferences.
  • Consideration of innovative features and game modes that elevate the overall gaming experience.


  • Selection of games that provide meaningful rewards, whether through character upgrades, in-game currency, or unlockable content, to keep players motivated and invested in their gaming journey.


  • Selection of games that offer a balanced and challenging difficulty curve, providing both casual and hardcore gamers with a satisfying level of challenge.
  • Consideration of games that introduce unique and thought-provoking challenges to keep players engaged and motivated to progress.

By carefully evaluating these criteria, ensures that the selected Mario games deliver a well-rounded and exceptional gaming experience for players accessing the platform.

  • Super Mario Run
  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Lego Super Mario
  • Super Robo – Adventure
  • Steve’s World

1. Super Mario Run 

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Tags: Action

Rating: 4.38

In Super Mario Run, players go on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches. The game retains the classic side-scrolling essence of the original Mario series, beautifully adapted for one-handed play. Mario automatically runs across vibrant levels, and players control his jumps, spins, and stylish maneuvers with simple taps. The game introduces a refreshing Tour mode, featuring six worlds with multiple levels, each designed with the iconic Mario charm. The Toad Rally mode lets players compete against friends and players globally, showcasing their speed and style in challenging courses. 

Play Super Mario Run Online

Super Mario Run stands out with its polished graphics, capturing the essence of Mario’s adventures. The levels are crafted with precision, offering engaging challenges, hidden secrets, and classic enemies. One of the unique features is the ability to build and customize your Mushroom Kingdom using collected coins and special items. This personalized kingdom becomes a visual representation of your achievements and progress in the game.

2. Mario Kart Tour

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Tags: Racing

Rating: 4.36

In Mario Kart Tour, players join Mario, Luigi, and an ensemble cast of classic characters in a global tour of imaginative and themed circuits. The game pays homage to iconic locations from the Mario universe while introducing real-world cities and landmarks, creating a unique fusion of fantasy and reality. The controls are simplified for mobile play, with the karts automatically accelerating, allowing players to focus on steering, drifting, and using power-ups strategically. The infamous items from the Mario Kart series make a return, adding an element of chaos and excitement to the races. 

Play Mario Kart Tour Online

From tossing shells to deploying boost pads, each race is a dynamic and unpredictable competition. A standout feature of Mario Kart Tour is the rotating selection of themed tours, offering new challenges and opportunities for players to earn rewards. The tours showcase a variety of tracks, characters, and kart designs, ensuring a fresh and dynamic experience with each new tour. The game introduces a points system, encouraging players to perform stylish moves, hit opponents with items, and achieve high speeds to earn points during races. Points contribute to the player’s overall score, determining their ranking and rewards at the end of each cup.

3. Lego Super Mario

Developer: LEGO System A/S

Tags: Entertainment

Rating: 4.35

Designed as a digital companion to the LEGO Super Mario sets, this app introduces a novel level of interactivity and creativity to the iconic brick-building adventure. At the core of the app’s features is its emphasis on connected play. By syncing the physical LEGO Mario figure with the digital realm, users witness a harmonious integration where actions in the physical world reflect on-screen, creating a dynamic and immersive play experience. Guiding builders through the construction process, the app provides user-friendly, step-by-step building instructions for the diverse LEGO Super Mario sets. These instructions seamlessly incorporate digital elements, ensuring builders can bring their imaginative courses to life with ease. 

Play Lego Super Mario Online

The app extends the play beyond physical creation by offering a range of digital challenges and games. Users can navigate LEGO Mario through interactive courses, collect virtual coins, and overcome obstacles, adding an extra layer of excitement to their brick-built adventures. In addition to serving as a comprehensive guide, the app acts as a source of inspiration and creativity. Providing additional building ideas, customization options, and creative tips it fosters a sense of community among builders who can share their creations and ideas within the app.

4. Super Robo – Adventure

Developer: LEGO System A/S

Tags: Entertainment

Rating: 4.35

Embark on a thrilling and action-packed journey with Super Robo Adventure. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience in a world teeming with platforms, obstacles, and perilous death traps that will truly test your skills. Traverse through diverse environments such as a dark forest, the depths of the sea, a nearly deserted island, the snowy arctic steppe, and even the center of the earth. 

Play Super Robo - Adventure Online

With over 50 specially crafted levels, a unique soundtrack featuring up to 10 themes, a multitude of enemies exhibiting various behaviors, and timeless retro graphics reminiscent of classic games from the ’90s, this game promises an exhilarating experience. Super Robo – Adventure is a 2-player Mario-style platformer that invites you to explore enchanting worlds filled with danger. Whether you’re navigating through treacherous terrains or facing off against formidable foes, brace yourself for a blast of nostalgic gaming fun.

5. Steve’s World

Developer: PowerSlash Studios

Tags: Casual

Rating: 4.35

Steve’s World presents players with a nostalgic and familiar two-dimensional platform gaming experience reminiscent of the iconic Super Mario Bros. The game’s visual elements, as evident from its icons and images, pay homage to the classic Nintendo franchise. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Steve’s World closely mirrors the concepts established by the Nintendo franchise. Players must navigate through each level, employing classic platformer techniques such as jumping on enemies to defeat them and evading hazards like jumping plants emerging from pipes. 

Play Steve's World Online

The ultimate objective is to reach the end of each level swiftly, overcoming obstacles in the process. The game features three distinct worlds, encompassing a total of almost eighty levels. The aesthetic design intentionally draws parallels with the beloved Super Mario series, offering players a blend of nostalgia and platforming challenges. For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic platformers, Steve’s World provides an opportunity to relive the magic of a bygone gaming era with a modern twist.

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