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Best Chromebook Games for Kids

Find the best mobile games for kids to play on Chromebooks using the mobile cloud, in this handy listicle.

Chromebooks offer the best that laptops have to offer when it comes to using them as work machines, but with the convenience of being able to use them right away without any hassle or installations, which is mostly thanks to their web-based Chrome OS that puts everything the user might ever need directly accessible through the web browser. 

While Chromebooks make for fine machines for use by kids during their school years, they might not be so great when it comes to relaxing and sitting down to spend some time gaming, especially if your Chromebook is issued by a school, since you’ll need to find unblocked games even if you want to play online.. With, however, this limitation is a thing of the past, as our mobile cloud lets you enjoy the best games on Chromebooks. The only problem then would be choosing which games to actually play on your machine, which is where this article comes in.

In the next few paragraphs, you’ll find our list of top 5 games for kids to play on Chromebooks, all of which are freely available to play directly on your web browser through, and with a single click.

1. Toca Life World

There are games that challenge the players with premade puzzles or other obstacles to surpass, and then there are games like Toca Life World, which are more akin to sandboxes where players are given a set of tools, and then are set free for them to make their own fun. This game, however, potentially takes it one step further by not actually having any sort of gameplay, and is more of a discovery game where players can visit a wide variety of locales and interact with the elements in each, in order to discover a bunch of different actions and effects.

However, while the locales and pre-arranged elements are interesting aspects in Toca Life World, they’re only half of the experience, as the other half comes from the players actually creating their own characters and setting them up in all sorts of places. This liberty to move, place, and interact with the objects in the stages lets players create their own scenes and scenarios. In this sense, Toca Life World is more like a toy box, and it’s up to the players to take the different toys and create their own fun with them.

It goes without saying that this game fosters creativity and fun in a safe and very kid-friendly way, and we can’t recommend it enough for the younger audiences.

2. Minecraft

Of course, those who might prefer a more hands-on approach might actually not appreciate Toca Life World’s sandbox elements very much. In this case, maybe Minecraft might be more your speed.

Now, Minecraft really doesn’t need much introduction; it’s only the most popular game of all time, ideal for people of all ages. The game gives players absolute freedom to shape their world however they see fit, since most of it is made up of blocks that can be removed and replaced with complete freedom. This gives players the ability to build unique creations in a fun and safe manner using Creative Mode. And for older players looking for a challenge, they can play on Survival Mode, which adds hazards such as wandering enemies, as well as hunger mechanics that players always have to monitor in order to survive day after day.

Though Minecraft is a paid game with no free demos on PC, players can actually enjoy the mobile trial for free on any device using Even on Chromebooks, all it takes to start playing and enjoying the game is going to its app page on the website, and clicking on a single link, after which you’ll be ready to start enjoying Minecraft for free on any device.

3. Roblox

It’s hard to know where to start when describing the marvel that is Roblox, but we’ll try our best to do it justice.

Roblox, more than a game, is more of a gaming platform, where users can create their own games for everyone else to download and play. Using their own framework of highly customizable pre-made assets, there’s virtually no limit for what users can achieve with Roblox. As such, the platform has not only been regarded as one of the most popular games currently out there but also as an invaluable educational tool, which is even used in some schools as a way to introduce the younger audiences to computer programming and associated fields.

As a game, Roblox is more than just a single title, and can hardly be defined as such. In this sense, you can find a very large variety of user-made creations on this platform, which you can download and play with a single click. However, regardless of the creation you’re playing, they’re all based around the stock models and assets that Roblox provides, with most of them retaining the blocky base models for the player characters, and literally everything else varying according to the creation in question.

If we’d have to make a good approximation, Roblox is more about creating your own avatar and then using them to explore a wide variety of titles with other players around the world. And while the game is available on PC and mobile, you can play Roblox on Chromebook through the mobile cloud, with no downloads or pesky installations required—simply head on over to the app page on our website, and stream the game directly on your web browser.

4. Subway Surfers

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that games are all about having fun. And at times, that fun comes from going all the way back to the basics, with casual games like Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is an infinite runner game where the main objective is to control your character as they run through an endless track riddled with hurdles, gaps, trains, and other hazards. While you can’t control your character’s speed, you can help them by making them switch lanes, as well as jump or slide at the right moments, in order to help them dodge hazards and continue running for as long as possible. However, the game ends once you’ve tripped over enough obstacles, which makes your pursuers run up to you and catch you.

Subway Surfers is the ideal game for when you only have a few minutes to spare, and you can enjoy it on your Chromebook through Casual games like these should be as easy to access as they are to play, and thanks to the mobile cloud, you can start playing it on any device, simply by clicking on a single link.

You can also Play Subway Surfers in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

5. Stumble Guys

Fall Guys made its mark on the gaming community during the start of the social distancing phenomenon, when everyone was hanging out indoors and spending more time online. During this time, games like Among Us and Fall guys blew up big time, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers essentially overnight. However, in the case of the latter, they left out an important chunk of the gaming community: The mobile gaming crowd.

Stumble Guys arrived to fill the void that Fall Guys had left in the wake of its popularity, as a way to enjoy fun minigames and competitions in a very similar manner to the latter, but on both mobile devices as well as on PC. As such, players can expect to find a variety of platforming stages, as well as a few team-based and solo minigames each and every round, as they compete to qualify for the final round and for the victory crown therein.

Despite being quite similar to Fall Guys, Stumble Guys is different enough to be its own thing, not to mention that it’s the only one of the two that opens its doors for the mobile gaming crowd. However, those who want to play it on Chromebook, but don’t quite have the resources to run it, or simply don’t want to download and take up any storage space on their systems, can play Stumble Guys on the mobile cloud. 

Like with all the games mentioned on this list, all you need to do is click on a single link, and you’ll be set to start enjoying some exciting fun straight on your web browser, and with the best mouse and keyboard controls to help you win all your rounds.

How to Play Games on Your Chromebook with

Now that we’ve shared 5 awesome games that you can enjoy on your Chromebook with, let’s give a quick recap on how to actually access and play them, which is actually quite simple and only takes a few steps. To start playing on, simply follow these very easy steps:

  1. Click on the game’s link on any of the entries above to go to the game’s app page on the website. Alternatively, you can find them also by googling the term “[Game Name]”.
  2. Once on the game’s app page, simply click on the “Play in browser” button, and wait for a few seconds.
  3. After a few moments, you’ll find your game up and running directly in your browser, through

For games like Roblox or Toca Life World, which rely on saving and loading data to synchronize your progress across multiple devices, all you need to do is log in with your Google account within the respective games to retrieve your own progression and keep playing where you last left off. Whether you’re gaming on your phone, laptop, PC, or even your Chromebook, makes it easy for you to pick up and play any mobile game, while also maintaining your progress.

What are your favorite mobile games? Did you know that you can play most of them directly on your Chromebook with, with just a single click, and now installations or downloads are required? Leave us your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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